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Moxley Debuts at Double or Nothing

As I expected and hoped for, the lunatic debuted tonight to end the show and came off looking strong as he took out Jericho and Omega. Kenny did reportedly suffer a neck injury but it is unknown if it is part of a storyline.


I will be covering the event live here in the blog, on the RWB Facebook page , and in the PWD group . Coverage begins soon, and feel free to ask me any last second questions you have if needed. THE BUY IN You can watch The Buy In for free in several places. Here's one, for example. Less than 30 minutes away. I see Orange Cassidy has officially been announced. I mentioned him a few weeks ago for a reason, but didn't expect him for the battle royal. With three spots left I say one goes to a legend (Mike Tyson is apparently now an rumor but check the blog for past entrees for other names), one goes to a big surprise, and one goes to an indie star like Darby. Moxley, KENTA, Punk. In that order of likeliness of being the surprise entree and probable winner of the Casino Battle Royale. The YouTube stream is running behind. Fite is live. CASINO BATTLE ROYALE Nakazawa, Cutler, MJF, Sunny Daze, and Dustin Thomas to start. So much baby oil. Dustin will be saved for som

Rotting Christ: The Heretics Review

Greek black metal legends, Rotting Christ, are back for their 13th album. Being this deep into your catalog is an interesting situation for any band, especially one that helped pioneer a sound and style. Do they step up and reclaim the throne or assume their fans will buy anything they put out? You know when you see a wrestling legend go out and work a half-assed match? A sad display that shows that they should be nowhere near the ring any longer? Yea, that's kind of what this was. Now, that's not to say there isn't anything worth hearing on The Heretics. It's just that it peaks at the second song and then spends most of the remaining run in bargain bin territory. Diehards only need apply. Rating: **

CNL Episode 1 Review

Matches: 1.CJC vs Sobre2sis *** 2.Demian Kross vs Addam Jones **1/4 3.CNL Women's Title: Alexandra(c) vs Engel ***1/4 4.CNL Tag Titles: Chilean Empire(c) vs Sinner, Shocko ***1/2 Thoughts: I wanted to do my part to help promote CNL's new series. Hopefully doing a review of their debut episode gets them some extra eyes. Always looking to help put a spotlight on a promotion that might slip under the radar. They launched a few years ago. They've caught my eye a couple of times but this new show ensures that I'll try to keep an eye on it more often. Two matches just over three minutes kicked off the episode. Neither were must-see, but for the time given they were enjoyable enough. The opener was the better of the two and a fun sprint. The women's match of the show was fairly good. I definitely want to see a rematch as well as more from the two of them in general. Giving them a bit more time for the next one should make for a great contest. The main event

Select Match Reviews: Monkey vs Criminal

Match from TAKA & Taichi Produce TAKATaichiMania II 1.El Desperado vs Jun Kasai **3/4 Thoughts: This one is...interesting. Though not specifically listed as such, it makes sense that it broke down into a hardcore battle. On the other hand, having a double count out followed by a no contest call sucked a bit. The restart was nicely handled, but it's hard not to see the overall shenanigans as political in nature. This is the one where El Desperado broke his jaw, by the way. It was an ok match for what it is, but it held back by the issues I mentioned above and serves best as a random novelty than anything else.

ROH TV Episode 400 Review

Matches: 1.ROH Six-Man Titles: Villain Enterprises(c) vs Lethal, Cobb, Rush ***1/2 2.ROH World Title: Taven(c) vs Flip **3/4 Thoughts: Ring of Honor gave us two big title matches during this week to celebrate 400 episodes. Congrats on the achievement! Interesting bit of info, but this is my 500th blog entry. Funny how that lined up. The challengers in the opener were certainly an interesting grouping, but it makes sense to get your biggest stars on the episode. The match was very good, playing out exactly like you'd expect given the names. I know Villain Enterprises are on borrowed time, but they've been one of the best things in current ROH and I'm glad we're at least getting this time with them now before Marty leaves. Some decent segments fill the gap between matches. I have little interest in a Kenny King/Lethal rivalry nor in the Bully shit. It sucks that Jay and Lifeblood are in those situations right now, but maybe it'll turn out better than I t

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #20 Review

Matches 1.Twin Gate Titles: Big Ben(c) vs Tribe Vanguard ***1/2 Thoughts: This one was taped on 04/28, days before Dead or Alive. Big Ben dropping the Twin Gate belts here plays into those results. I still find it weird seeing KAI in Dragon Gate, but the dude is doing a decent job and he's giving YAMATO something to do at least. The match itself was pretty good. The finish saw Eita hit Ben with a chair to cost them the titles. As we know, Ben-K was kicked out at DoA which sets him up for his major push. I'll miss Big Ben. Such a fun team. Cutting Edge continues to be a breeze to watch, so give it a view. Overall Rating: 70/100%

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #19 Review

Matches 1.Natural Vibes vs The Strong Machines **1/2 Thoughts: I love the intro music for this show. The entire episode is built around the debut of Strong Machine J. He teams up with two roster members under masks carrying the same look (I'll be nice and refrain from exposing them). The fact that they took out Natural Vibes here, including SMJ getting the pin on a guy who recently challenged for the Dream Gate belt tells me they have big plans for the kid. I'm not blown away, but he has potential, at least. The match are from the April 10th Gate of Passion show. It's nothing major, but consider giving it a view if you want to see the debut of a new roster member. Overall Rating: 60/100%

Looking at the 2019 Wrestle-1 Grand Prix

This year's W1 Grand Prix is on the horizon, and since I think the promotion could use a couple of extra eyes I figured I'd do something to celebrate. Most promotions, especially Japanese ones, have their big annual tournament and this is W1's. Previous winners include Manabu(2x), Jiro, and Ashino and I have a strong feeling that we'll see Shotaro repeat this year to set up a rematch versus T-Hawk. I also predict Ashino reclaiming the championship in that match, for those keeping score. This year's participants are as follows (from left to right using the photo above): -Pegaso Iluminar -Kuma Arashi -Kono Masayuki -Daiki Inaba -Shotaro Ashino -Seigo Tachibana -Manabu Soya -Koji Doi The tournament starts on June 2nd this year, so make sure to follow their website for additional details and watch their weekly series for clips and keep an eye out for my recommendations to know what full matches to check out. If you've been sleepin

Select Match Reviews: Triumphant

Match from Wrestle-1 Triumph Tour Night 1 1.W1 Title: T-Hawk(c) vs Kondo **** Thoughts: The latest T-Hawk defense has finally aired and right before he is set for the weekend's Double or Nothing show alongside CIMA and El Lindaman. Great timing. Once again, T-Hawk put in for a fantastic defense. His reign as W1 Champ has been one of my favorites this year and is massively underrated due to how few seem to actually watch the promotion. Hopefully, AEW will help people want to see more. Above is a recent episode of their weekly show. It features clipped versions of matches, including this one. You should give it a go or, if you can, watch the full match. It is well worth the time and works well as a last minute primer of sorts for the big show.

ONE Championship Weekly 05/23/19 Review

1.Kickboxing: Sana vs Yodsanklai **3/4 2.Khan vs Arslanaliev NR 3.Kickboxing Lightweight Title: Eresel vs Holzken **1/2 4.ONE Lightweight Title: Aoki(c) vs Lee ***1/2 Thoughts: This week's episode began with in the third round of kickboxing action. My rule is that a fight needs to be at least three minutes for me to score it and, in cases like what ONE presents for their weekly show, I do rate fights that are clipped short. It was a decent fight and a solid start, but nothing major. The second fight was actually really fun, but was just short of hitting 3 minutes. I'd still suggest watching it if you want a nice, fast fight. Up next, we join another kickboxing bout late. This one was for the ONE Kickboxing Lightweight World Championship and started at the beginning of the final round. Like the opener, it was solid, but nothing you need to run and see. Still, I think Eresel should make for an interesting champ. The episode concluded with another championship match

PWG Mystery Vortex VI Preview

PWG has put out their latest preview, this time for Mystery Vortex VI. The event took place May 10th and you can find the results here  and you can pre-order it here .

Looking Past Saturday & Last Minute Predictions

This was supposed to go up Friday, but a few factors led to me just posting it a bit early. So, AEW isn't coming in for just one show and then ridding off into the sun.  No, they even have Fyter Fest announced as a follow up, the TV show coming in the Fall, and more. So, let's fantasy book a logical direction for the near future. Now, we'll be looking at predictions of the show itself here as well as the fallout so let's dig in. DOUBLE OR NOTHING CARD & PICKS 0a.Casino Battle Royale* The new stipulation that the winner will meet either Omega or Jericho to crown the first AEW Champion suggests that one of the four TBA names will win. I think the spots will be filled with Darby Allin, Jon Moxley, and two legends.  Raven, Nash, Sting, Bret, DDP, Shamrock... Those are possible inclusions. Really, just look at the legends that are at Starrcast and toss a coin. I know they've spoken with DDP, Shamrock, Nash, and Raven for sure within the past few m

Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/19/19 1.24/7 Inaugural Scramble NR 2.24/7 Title: Titus(c) vs Roode NR 3.24/7 Title: Roode(c) vs Truth NR 4.Akira vs Oney vs Kendrick vs Ariya vs Kanellis ***1/4 5.O'Reilly, Fish vs Riddle, Gargano ***1/2 Thoughts: Remember, I don't watch anything that is only available on the Network. That means no Money in the Bank matches, but the people I tend to trust the opinion of do recommend both of the ladder matches as well as Styles/Seth from that show. So, on to this week's pulls. Note that this week's Raw saw WWE introduce another championship. Basically, the new 24/7 title is the old Hardcore Championship (at least during the 24/7 period) minus the hardcore rules stip added on. It's also basically the same as DDT's Ironman Heavyweight belt. It looks like the belt is going to work well enough in today's meme culture if they go full camp with it and, on the plus side, it should give roster members with nothing to do (like

Being the Elite #153 Thoughts

Poor Arquette, getting invited to the superkick party. Johnny being there isn't a big surprise as I expect to see a lot of Impact guys on AEW at some point. The #BTEmailbag stuff was fun. Hearing that BTE is uncertain once AEW's tv series kicks off sucks a bit, but is understandable. Page being "injured" is logical and explains the attack after the PAC match. I think he'll legit be off the card, just appearing in cameo roles. They'll just spread the time around the card. I mean, he had his DoN match, just sooner than the actual show. The names they have up their sleeves will be used at later times or different spots. I expect one of them, possibly a lunatic or a former GHC Heavyweight Champ to win the battle royal now, especially with the new stip added in. MJF being a dick, the Librarian angle continues with jabs toward WWE, and SCU teasing something with the Lucha Bros and then build to the show in general filled out the rest of the episode.

Contrarian: Their Worm Never Dies Review

I'm a huge fan of the band, Death. That genre in general is one of my favorites, so finding a new band that embraces it is always a treat. They've been around for a few years, but I somehow missed out. Better late than never. George Kollias' work in particular stands out on the album, with superb drum work and a vocal delivery that really impresses. The fantasy heavy lyrics delight as well, but I'm a sucker for such things. At 37 minutes, Their Worm Never Dies paints an impressive picture through high quality musicianship and complex compositions into a tight package. They blend 90's tech death with a modern touch that deserves a chance to entertain your ears and I hope you allow exactly that to happen. As of now, this is tied for my favorite album of the year and I officially call myself a fan. Check it out here . Rating: ****

Select Match Reviews: To the MAX

Match from BASARA 95 1.Union Pro MAX Title: Ryota(c) vs Sekine ***3/4 Thoughts: BASARA is one of the DDT umbrella promotions, and one that I don't watch nearly as often as I likely should. I've actually seen very little of either of these workers, which I regret a bit now. Fun note, but there's a fan wearing a GCW shirt in the crowd. On the King of DDT show there was a PROGRESS fan. Just an observation. The match itself was great and could have arguably main evented just about any promotion in the world. A good test of quality is when you have something like this run 30 minutes yet feel like 15, which is exactly what we have here. I recommend fans to check this one out when they can.

Select Match Reviews: The True King

Matches from DDT King of DDT Final 1.King of DDT Semi: Takeshita vs Higuchi ***1/2 2.King of DDT Semi: HARISHIMA vs Soma ***1/4 3.KO-D Openweight Title: Endo(c) vs Keisuke **** 4.King of DDT Finals: Takeshita vs Soma ***3/4 Thoughts: We're back for more hot DDT action. It's funny that WWE looks more like a parody lately than the promotion that's actually the parody, but DDT puts out better stuff than people know. That statement is further proven by this set of matches above. The semi-finals of this year's King of DDT tournament were enjoyable enough. Takeshita breaking his nose in a really good contest against Higuchi made for a good visual in the final minutes. The other semi was lacking a bit of something, but was still fairly good and the right guy won. The championship match was fantastic, with Keisuke looking like a freaking star. He actually outperformed the champ here. He cashed in his gauntlet, but obviously failed to win gold. I hope to see him ve

The Road to Double or Nothing #16 Thoughts

Brandi continues pumping up the ladies with a tactic which will likely backfire later. The interview section promoting AEW selling to a certain demo worked well, and I loved hearing the news recently that they'll be airing TV-14. The big news, of course, is that the winner of the battle royal will be facing the winner of Omega/Jericho for the AEW Championship at a later date. This is a change from the original plan, from what I'm hearing. There are a few logical routes they could go, but a certain lunatic makes a lot of sense. This is the last episode before the big show, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Check this out and be prepared for one of the biggest shows ever. Oh, and keep checking back daily for my AEW Week posts.

Select Match Reviews: Building Up a Faction

Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH The Spirit 05/19 1.Kongoh vs Kaito, Saito, Tanaka, Taniguchi ***1/4 Thoughts: Kenou and Masa's new faction continues to look strong, once again topping the GHC Heavyweight champ's ground and even beating him down after. Fairly good contest, in all, but nothing you need to rush to see. I'm excited to see the payoff.

AEW Roster Breakdown

We continue AEW Week with a look at the announced roster. Note that I won't include any names that are rumored, unannounced, etc. and will focus only on the names listed on their own site. Here's how I predict the general layout to be. Main Event -Kenny Omega -Cody -Chris Jericho -PAC Thoughts: PAC is the wildcard as we don't know for sure when he'll be back nor how often. The show is largely built around the others, though. Add in the names in the midcard section below getting shots from time to time, as well as some from the tag division, like Pentagon, and you have a pretty good looking main event scene. Of course, there are a few big names that will be added here very soon, but I made it clear above that we wouldn't be focusing on that kind of thing this time around. Women's Division -Allie -Bea Priestley -Brandi Rhodes -Britt Baker -Hikaru Shida -Kylie Rae -Leva Bates -Nyla Rose -Penelope Ford Thoughts: People are sleeping on the wom

Select Match Reviews: SSS16 Roundup

Matches from PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 88: Super Strong Style 16 Night One 1.Lucky Kid vs Devlin ***3/4 2.Darby vs Robinson ***3/4 3.O'Reilly vs Ridgeway ***3/4 Night Two 4.Fletcher vs Devlin ***3/4 5.Brookes, Artemis, DJZ vs Ridgeway, Lucky Kid, Darby ***1/2 6.PROGRESS World, Atlas Unification: WALTER(world) vs Seven(atlas) **** Night Three 7.Semi, Elimination: Ilja vs Starr vs Banks ***1/2 8.Semi: Devlin vs O'Reilly ***3/4 9.Death: Robinson vs Havoc ***1/2 10.PROGRESS Tag Titles: Aussie Open(c) vs Aerostar, Daga *** 11.PROGRESS Women's Title: Grace(c) vs McKenzie vs Nina vs Martina **3/4 12.Finals: Devlin vs Starr ***3/4 Thoughts: A lot of fans see PROGRESS as a lesser version of the former self that used to wow audiences every show. Most think this is due to their relationship with WWE watering down the product a bit. Here's what I know... These 12 matches made for a very entertaining few days of fun, as I watched through my pulls. Devlin&

Select Match Reviews: Full Bastard Challenge

Match from Wrestle Gate 05/18 1.PAC vs Page ***1/2 Thoughts: Let's ignore the politics for a minute and just look on the bright side... We just got a Double or Nothing match a few days early for free. Yea, it ended in a DQ right when it was turning into something even better, but this was still pretty good. The attack after could work if they decide to just keep Page off of the show this weekend, but I am still hearing they have someone planned to fill into the spot. Go ahead and check this out as we near DoN and don't forget to check out the AEW Week blog entrees.

5 Match Primer: AEW Double or Nothing

So, the fact is that most of the big names are likely already familiar to the people who are stoked for the new promotion, but what about the lesser named ones? I have seen everyone's work, and those I was unfamiliar with I  checked out . Either way, even if you've never even seen an Omega match, here are five contests to get you ready for Double or Nothing. 5.Ryo vs Shida Kenny apparently championed the idea of using joshi talent in a similar way to how WCW used cruiserweights. I am very thankful for that. So, here's two of the participants from the joshi showcase contest. 4.Guevara, Laredo Kid vs Evans, Golden Magic Two of the participants in this one (Sammy and Jack) are on the card. The other two are likely to be involved at some point with AEW. Note that Jack and Angelico are coming in to revive Gueros del Cielo, which is great news and proves even more that the brand's tag division is stacked already. 3.Pentagon vs Fenix The Lucha Bros will

Select Match Reviews: Adding a Wizard

Match from KAOZ Noche de Campeones 1.KAOZ Championship: LA Park vs Rush vs Hechicero **1/4 Thoughts: I was hoping this was going to be a good one, considering the names involved. It was a touch above average, but largely forgettable. Rush and Park have put out classics against each other, but the layout here just didn't allow for that. Hechicero played his roll perfectly, as usual, at least Go ahead and skip this one.