A few ways to help Gaza survive genocide efforts

A Zionist trying to hold on tight to power has been engaging in a genocide that the United States in helping to fund. In Gaza alone, the death count surpasses 30,000, over the past few months and it should be noted that the total out of this open air prison territory that preceded all of this shit was not factored in.

The horror that the living combat daily continues for millions.

I know we all want a ceasefire. Luckily, some gorilla tactic moves in a few states even sent a message to the Biden campaign. All it resulted in was "leaks" meant to pretend the war criminal President actually was against it all, but it was movement nonetheless. There's a chance more could come as the election nears and the polls continue to paint a clear picture.

So, here's what you can do.

Be creative, use whatever platform you have, and remember to never be silent.

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