The Haunting Shadows (Beowulf Chapter #1 of 6) | The RW+B RPG Series

Beowulf is one of history's biggest heroes that humans have ever imagined. His tales played influence to essentially all of your favorite tales of bravery since and I saw no better place to start the new RPG Series than with a six-part set of adventures, modeled a bit by the amazing old Dungeon Magazine entries, focused around the iconic figure.

Set after the fall of Grendel, and his mother, this sees players take the role of characters living in the kingdom of Beowulf. Before he'd eventually fall in his epic battle with the dragon, his kingdom was feature to a monster of the week style rampages and it's up to you to survive.

We start with The Haunting Shadows, just in time for Halloween. Note that this is meant to be a framework for dungeon masters to explore and for utilization of whatever system you see fit. Ensure players are prepared by properly setting the tone and assisting, as needed, with a gentle hand during the character creation stage. If you need assistance fleshing and stating things out more, feel free to reach out. Just tell me what system you're running and I'll do my best to either do it for you or, at the very least, help guide you as much as possible.

Also, remember that ultimately the goal is always fun over everything else!

Adventure Background

Set in the land of Geatland, after the reign of Beowulf, the kingdom faces a new era. The shadow of Grendel and his mother has faded, but now, the realm is plagued by a different menace. Eerie and malevolent shadow creatures haunt a remote village, draining the life from its inhabitants. King Beowulf, now aged but still valiant, calls upon the people of Geatland to safeguard their kingdom. Your players, as citizens turned heroes, are tasked with confronting the supernatural shadows that haunt the village of Hollowbrook.

Adventure Overview

The village of Hollowbrook, nestled amidst dense forests and rolling hills, has long been known for its peace and serenity. However, a sinister presence has taken root in the woods, casting a pall of darkness over the village. The shadows that once kept to the forests now roam Hollowbrook, and their touch saps the life force from anyone they encounter.

Adventure Locations:
  • Geatland Capital: The adventure begins in the bustling capital, where the heroes meet King Beowulf, who beseeches them to investigate the troubles in Hollowbrook while he handles other matters. He'll try to stop by to assist if possible, but believes they can handle it before that's needed. You can have familiar names join the party if you so choose, allowing for further leaning into the story and some extra muscle.

  • Hollowbrook Village: A serene, yet eerie village, and the heart of the adventure. Shadows lurk here, and its inhabitants live in fear. The village leaders request the heroes' aid.

  • Hollowbrook Woods: The shadowy woods surrounding the village, where the shadows originate. This is the heroes' primary exploration area.

Major NPCs to Consider:
  • King Beowulf: The aging king who entrusts the heroes with the task of protecting Geatland, especially until he can get there himself.

  • Queen Wealhtheow: The queen who offers encouragement and support to the heroes and wants her king to be left at peace.

  • Mayor Ealdred: The leader of Hollowbrook Village, desperate for aid. A pathetic man that should be slain during the later stages.

  • Father Aelfric: The village priest who possesses knowledge about the shadowy menace. Consider having him play a large part, where he's possessed or being forced to assist the shadows. Could be used as a mini-boss.

  • Haunted Homestead: In Hollowbrook Village, the heroes are confronted by a grief-stricken family whose child was taken by the shadows. They seek the heroes' help in finding their lost daughter. Every night, another child will be taken.

  • The Silent Grove: In the woods, the heroes come across a grove of ancient, shadowy trees. Here they meet an elder being, removed from the actions of their fellow shadows, that offers a weapon capable of slaying them.

  • Rescuing Lost Souls: As the heroes venture deeper into the woods, they discover several children whom have been trapped by the shadows. These encounters test the heroes' ability to combat the malevolent forces. Set this encounter fairly based off of character stats.

  • Confronting the Shadow Queen: A climactic showdown with the powerful Shadow Queen, a powerful spirit that controls the shadow creatures. The heroes must figure out a way to weaken her power. You could have the Father be in control of them via a magick crystal. If players destroy it, the shadows would be free and might support peace in gratitude.

Puzzles and Challenges
  • Deciphering the origins of the shadowy menace and how to combat it.

  • Navigating through the darkness and silence of the Haunted Grove.

  • Freeing trapped villagers from the clutches of the shadows.

Monsters and Foes:
  • Shadow Creatures: Ghostly, shadowy beings that drain the life force of those they touch.

  • The Shadow Queen: A powerful wraith that controls the shadow creatures.

  • King Beowulf's gratitude and recognition for their bravery. Consider putting one of the PC's in as the new mayor.

  • The village's eternal gratitude, as they are freed from the shadowy menace.

  • The blessings of the village priest and possibly a holy relic to aid them on future adventures.


Upon vanquishing the shadowy menace and freeing Hollowbrook, the heroes return to the Geatland Capital as celebrated defenders of the realm. Their deeds are celebrated, and they are acknowledged as true heroes of the kingdom. King Beowulf thanks them for their service and encourages them to continue safeguarding their homeland in the Beowulf series.

Check out chapter two soon.

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