Select Match Reviews: Triumphant

Match from Wrestle-1 Triumph Tour Night 1
1.W1 Title: T-Hawk(c) vs Kondo ****

The latest T-Hawk defense has finally aired and right before he is set for the weekend's Double or Nothing show alongside CIMA and El Lindaman.

Great timing.

Once again, T-Hawk put in for a fantastic defense. His reign as W1 Champ has been one of my favorites this year and is massively underrated due to how few seem to actually watch the promotion. Hopefully, AEW will help people want to see more.

Above is a recent episode of their weekly show. It features clipped versions of matches, including this one. You should give it a go or, if you can, watch the full match. It is well worth the time and works well as a last minute primer of sorts for the big show.

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