RW+B Spring 2024 Lineup!

Mondays- A new Forza Libertas FC Mixtape playlist (both men's and women's editions) weekly that will look at the best of the triangle and from associates!

Tuesdays- We are STARDOM!! episode coverage. The best weekly wrestling show and it's only half-an-hour long.

Wednesdays- A new Gotham Sports Aria playlist starting the first week of April. Mets, Nets, Jets, Devils, Liberty, Cuse.

Thursdays- Oishii Super Show Monthly, Late Night Snack, a new The RPG Series entry on the first, second, and third Thursdays of the month, respectfully starting soon.

Fridays- A new Red's Pro Wrestling Playlist Series entry, with episodes like a roundup of the top ten TV matches from a select month, a look at a recent event, spotlight features in parts, and more.

We'll cover GAORA Channel stuff as well, like DG Battle Library, and a lot of various New Japan shit.

Fighting Spirit Comp. coming soon.

We'll also post all GLEAT events that run during the time and upload/cover a lot from GAORA including coverage of the awesome, yet infrequent, Cutting Edge Battle series. A planned second season of Main Event Magic is in the discussion stages, too. Also, more from the Forza Libertas project including resources for causes and various news commentary will run here.

Oh, and don't forget about AC Milan, RB/Gotham, and Bohemian coverage weekly and various political takes and resources for causes along the way as part of the Forza Libertas project overall!

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