ONE Championship Weekly 05/23/19 Review

1.Kickboxing: Sana vs Yodsanklai **3/4
2.Khan vs Arslanaliev NR
3.Kickboxing Lightweight Title: Eresel vs Holzken **1/2
4.ONE Lightweight Title: Aoki(c) vs Lee ***1/2

This week's episode began with in the third round of kickboxing action. My rule is that a fight needs to be at least three minutes for me to score it and, in cases like what ONE presents for their weekly show, I do rate fights that are clipped short.

It was a decent fight and a solid start, but nothing major.

The second fight was actually really fun, but was just short of hitting 3 minutes. I'd still suggest watching it if you want a nice, fast fight.

Up next, we join another kickboxing bout late. This one was for the ONE Kickboxing Lightweight World Championship and started at the beginning of the final round. Like the opener, it was solid, but nothing you need to run and see. Still, I think Eresel should make for an interesting champ.

The episode concluded with another championship match, this time starting from the beginning. That's good news, as it was a really good fight. The armbar escape in the first from Lee was insane. I love seeing someone fight through and make a comeback, and that's the story here.

Every episode of ONE that I've seen since I started watching again has been a breeze to watch, even when the action is a mixed bag. Go give it a chance and see if you're ready to start watching.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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