The UPDATED RW+B Pro-Wrestling TV Guide | From The Digest #150

The Updated RW+B Pro-Wrestling TV Guide

With so much content coming out every week, it can be hard to pick something to actually watch. To be fair, many fans haven’t managed well in the digital age and/or are overwhelmed to the point where they never actually branch out…despite an interest in doing so. I am hopeful that this will be useful in assisting someone and will make things easier for them.


Head to AAA’s YouTube channel on Sunday nights if you’re interested in an hour+ of insane lucha libre. Konnan has done his best to fuck up an easy thing, but with names like Vikingo, Psycho Clown, and more on the roster you’re still going to get some fun shit along the way.

Reality of Wrestling, Booker’s promotion based out of Texas, runs on YouTube most Sunday nights, too.

Feel free to take the day off unless something major is set to air on one of these or it’s a PPV night.


Monday Night Raw is, of course, considered the top wrestling program each Monday evening even if it feels like a chore most weeks. For the time being, you can find it on USA at 8pm Eastern. For all others, check your local listings. Just consider that common sense moving forward. Your best choice is likely to just wait until Hulu uploads their condensed version around 5am the next day. The show is far better when trimmed down.


Check out my personal favorite weekly wrestling program with STARDOM’s digest show, We are STARDOM!! on their YouTube channel every Tuesday morning around 9:30.

NWA Powerrr episodes air, of course, at 6:05 pm Eastern on YouTube for those that really have a hard on for this company. I don’t get it, but to each their own.

If that’s your cup of tea, you might also like Rocky Mountain Pro’s Charged show which runs on YouTube at 8pm each week. Many people like their writing style and it might be something you enjoy, too.

Also at 8, you can go to USA for NXT and see if they’ve managed to recapture that old lightning. They haven’t, but it’s not terrible and might be your best bet each Tuesday for those seeking in-ring quality.

If you only have time for one thing today, outside of the superior Hulu version of Raw, than check out the STARDOM show.


AEW Dynamite is on TBS, for now, every Wed. at 8pm. Most consider it the most consistent weekly wrestling program. At this point, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em, though, so you do you but it’s an easy recommendation for me!

You can also find Dragon Gate Battle Library each Wednesday morning on the Gaora YouTube channel if you are in the mood for classic DG.


Start early at 7pm on HonorClub, if you’ve convinced yourself to actually pay for it, with Ring of Honor. If you haven’t paid for it, you can check out OVW Live on and see what Snow’s been doing.

Next, move along with the rebirth of TNA Impact, airing on AXS at 8pm. If you just cannot get over the idea that tNa SuCKs or whatever, there’s Atomic Legacy’s Revolt show running most Thursdays at the same time over on You also can watch Court continue to underdeliver with MLW Fusion most weeks on YouTube.

When that’s done, check out the NJPW on AXS program at 10pm. The month of January will start with three weeks of WK coverage that promises to make for an excellent television experience.

New Japan adds episodes of STRONG to their YouTube on Thursdays. I’m writing this near the end of December and they’re covering tapings from Resurgence right now, which was held at the end of May. That might matter to some people.

I suggest TNA then NJPW on AXS, with ROH and Strong being considered if you somehow have the time and interest.

Oh, and AJPW Battle Library episodes run on Gaora’s YT in the morning time if you need a cherry.


Start with SmackDown on Fox at 8pm Eastern to see if Roman actually showed up, then go to TNT at 10pm for AEW Rampage if you’re in the mood to check out Tony’s most phoned in weekly program.

If you really, really love WWE and insist on watching everything they put out, know that NXT Level Up airs at the same time as Rampage on the Peacock app.

CMLL Super Viernes and other special events air behind a paywall on Boletia on Friday nights and it tends to be the best Friday show these days. Check air times in advance as Mexico does DST differently. The oldest promotion in the world also adds nice highlight reels of big matches over the weekend after on their YT channel, if you miss it live.

If you don’t want to pay for CMLL’s show, prioritize SD and consider Rampage if you see something of interest on the card.


WOW episodes air early on their YouTube channel (around 10 am) if you are in the mood for a quick, women’s promotion with a quirky show.

You can also find one of the best weekly shows on Gaora’s YouTube channel most Saturday mornings in the form of Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!!, which tends to absolutely rock the half-hour wrestling show format.

AEW Collision is still in a weird growing phase following the Punk drama, but this is your best bet for a good time watching a weekly wrestling show on a Saturday. Check it out on TNT at 8pm.

Rixe out of France has been adding new episodes on Saturdays once a month. I’m not sure which days or times, but some of the past episodes have been very well received and it can always be fun checking out growing feds that actually care enough to try to make themselves semi-visible.

Make Collision and DG your priority on Saturdays and everything else secondary.


Gun to my head, picking only one show for each day, here are my choices:

S- AAA on YouTube (or just catch up on other things)

M- Raw on USA (strongly consider Hulu version, though)

T- We are STARDOM!! On YouTube (a must-watch, right after you’re done with Raw on Hulu)

W- Dynamite on TBS (the best weekly show?)

R- NJPW on AXS (strongly consider TNA as well)

F- SmackDown on Fox (strongly consider CMLL if you’re willing to pay)

S- Collision on TNT (a fun show that’s sometimes a great show)

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-Updated for January 2024-

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