Forza Libertas Manifesto & Group Signup Information

Considering the importance of respect for community and soul in the overall health of global society, Forza Libertas seeks to internationally unite neighbors in thought and action to best serve these needs. Officially, the group exists with a leaning toward Celtic pride and a desire to make the world better by collective organizing. It also features a strong support of certain football clubs, but feel free to BYOC and well love em with ya as much as we can. 

We here at Forza Libertas, and RW+B, tend to love rebels and socialist leaning folks. We're aware that this sounds niche but a love of our clubs nor our Celtic pride are required. We support the masses above all and just have preferences, that's all.

Hell, maybe we'll win you over!

In a separate post you'll see a list of associate clubs that are considered friendlies and we welcome fans of all or none into the ranks. It's evergrowing. The movement also seeks to expand by adding "branches" and by tying in with other groups as well. Wanna be a sister club? We're open to it!

The World's Sport can be a tool to unite us or to distract us.

While financial assistance is always preferrable when helping those in need, the fact is most working class people cannot help in that manner without massively inconveniencing themselves right now. We must collectively seek alternatives as a result.

We are all in this together.

Luckily, many options already exist thanks to hard working folk that sincerely care. Use one of these options if you're able to help, even if it's just one time a week, a month, etc. and consider alternative options if not. If you need resources, let us know. We'll also post resources in the Forza Libertas section of this site. For the record. 

Respect the human soul. Disrespect those that don't.

Protest as able, help when you can, and seek positive change. While most of the "official" views of Forza Libertas are typically considered far-left, and I'm sure you've noticed the picture up top, note that labels can be very off-putting to some and most working class people are united far more than they're not. Policy that assists the masses and not the few are always at mind and those pushing such policy should always be backed regardless of gang affiliation. Most wont be in the top gangs, either way. Respect your neighbor's opinions, even if you are offended by them, and find common ground.

Fuck actual nazis, though.

If your stance is such a strong one, and you are passionate enough about your opinions that you'd otherwise belittle the offender, cut them off from your life, or even be a wild animal and assault them, than it says more about you than you realize when the alternative is to attempt to form a bridge. If it's a strong stance built on a firm foundation, it shouldn't be hard to promote it peacefully. If the person isn't willing to listen, that's on them and you can just go about your damn day like an adult. We can be dirt bag leftists and not be children. 

Ignore culture war bullshit when able, seek truth, and call out the lies regardless of "side".

We won't check in and you don't need to report good deeds or anything. We're not your parents and we know life is hard for many of us. Deliberately so. If you do want to be part of this community, we would always appreciate knowing that kind of thing so we can share it. Not for shitty clout chasing, either, but in hopes that it might make others want to do the same.

No pressure either way.

If you're interested in the cause, here's what you need to know and do:

  • Being part of Forza Libertas doesn't cost anything and never will. We don't want your money.
  • If you're able to attend a game of on of our associate clubs in so. Let us know and we'll share your stuff if you're into such things. Try to watch every game in some form if you can't attend. I'm personally on the road too much to attend. If you're not a fan, give them a look and feel free to ask us why we care so much. Articles coming soon here, too.
  • Send a text to 315-330-6840 or an email to with FORZA LIBERTAS in the subject line. All we need is your name (that you want to give) and whatever other info about yourself that you want to give so we can contact you on rare occasion. A newsletter is planned. Likely monthly. 2x a month at most. 
  • We will sell shirts at cost of production at some point. We can also just send you a .png of logos if you'd prefer to make something yourself.
  • After joining, never do anything that would do damage to the name of the group. Please. ( AKA The Don't be a dick rule!)
If you enjoy writing, regardless of the subject, shoot us something and consider joining the team. We don't pay but you're welcome to leave at your own will and you'd just be using our little workhorse platform in a symbiotic manner. No deadlines or pressure.

Forza Libertas 
Sempre Saoirse

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