Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/19/19
1.24/7 Inaugural Scramble NR
2.24/7 Title: Titus(c) vs Roode NR
3.24/7 Title: Roode(c) vs Truth NR
4.Akira vs Oney vs Kendrick vs Ariya vs Kanellis ***1/4
5.O'Reilly, Fish vs Riddle, Gargano ***1/2

Remember, I don't watch anything that is only available on the Network. That means no Money in the Bank matches, but the people I tend to trust the opinion of do recommend both of the ladder matches as well as Styles/Seth from that show.

So, on to this week's pulls.

Note that this week's Raw saw WWE introduce another championship. Basically, the new 24/7 title is the old Hardcore Championship (at least during the 24/7 period) minus the hardcore rules stip added on. It's also basically the same as DDT's Ironman Heavyweight belt. It looks like the belt is going to work well enough in today's meme culture if they go full camp with it and, on the plus side, it should give roster members with nothing to do (like 60% of them) something to do for a few minutes here and there.

There are several issues I have with the concept, but I'll just remain positive for now on about it. I don't care much anyway, and at least it seems funny.

R-Truth seems like a perfect fit to hold the title frequently.

If you want something humorous, check those out and decide for yourself if this is a good idea. They seem to be adding the little segments to YouTube so you can follow the developments easily.

I'll say that the 6 year old version of myself is happy about it, at least.

In related news, Foley also said that the third hour of Raw going forward was going to "get nasty". Like the new belt, it's a gimmick attempt to spice things up. I hope it works out for the sake of those who watch every week.

The first real match is a five-man clusterfuck from 205Live. It was fairly good, but I would've liked about two more minutes added on and a better finish. At least Akira winning another match gives me hope that he's in the middle of a true push.

The last match I decided to check out was from NXT and was the WWE MOTW I'm a bit worried they are planning on a split of Undisputed Era (or at least a member shift), but it is what it is and at least this week UE came off looking strong. Gargano and Riddle made a fun pair, too, and that lawn dart knee was freaking awesome.

Go ahead and watch the tag match and skip everything else this week from Vince's empire.

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