5 Match Primer: AEW Double or Nothing

So, the fact is that most of the big names are likely already familiar to the people who are stoked for the new promotion, but what about the lesser named ones? I have seen everyone's work, and those I was unfamiliar with I checked out. Either way, even if you've never even seen an Omega match, here are five contests to get you ready for Double or Nothing.

5.Ryo vs Shida
Kenny apparently championed the idea of using joshi talent in a similar way to how WCW used cruiserweights. I am very thankful for that. So, here's two of the participants from the joshi showcase contest.

4.Guevara, Laredo Kid vs Evans, Golden Magic
Two of the participants in this one (Sammy and Jack) are on the card. The other two are likely to be involved at some point with AEW. Note that Jack and Angelico are coming in to revive Gueros del Cielo, which is great news and proves even more that the brand's tag division is stacked already.

3.Pentagon vs Fenix
The Lucha Bros will be taking on the Young Bucks on this show, in a rematch from AAA Rey de Reyes. They'll have another rematch in AAA very shortly after Double or Nothing, by the way. But, if you've somehow missed out on Pentagon and Fenix, here's a Lucha Underground match between the two.

2.CIMA vs T-Hawk
Let's say you already know a decent amount about SCU, but not their OWE opponents. Now, the Strong Hearts are the main faction from OWE and the three members representing them are also former Dragon Gate stars. CIMA started OWE because he had a vision, and T-Hawk and El Lindaman followed. This match, from GWF, sees two of them in showcase action.

1.Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks vs Sydal, KUSHIDA, ACH
I figured we'd end with an ELITE match. Obviously, these three (along with Cody and Page) will be the stars of AEW. If you've never seen their work, or if you just want to check out a fun match to get hyped, this is a pretty fun one to do that with.

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