Select Match Reviews: The True King

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Matches from DDT King of DDT Final
1.King of DDT Semi: Takeshita vs Higuchi ***1/2
2.King of DDT Semi: HARISHIMA vs Soma ***1/4
3.KO-D Openweight Title: Endo(c) vs Keisuke ****
4.King of DDT Finals: Takeshita vs Soma ***3/4

We're back for more hot DDT action. It's funny that WWE looks more like a parody lately than the promotion that's actually the parody, but DDT puts out better stuff than people know.

That statement is further proven by this set of matches above.

The semi-finals of this year's King of DDT tournament were enjoyable enough. Takeshita breaking his nose in a really good contest against Higuchi made for a good visual in the final minutes. The other semi was lacking a bit of something, but was still fairly good and the right guy won.

The championship match was fantastic, with Keisuke looking like a freaking star. He actually outperformed the champ here. He cashed in his gauntlet, but obviously failed to win gold. I hope to see him versus Takeshita for the title when the ace reclaims it.

The finals had me nervous about possible DAMNATION bs hurting the quality, but Soma luckily turned them away early on and allowed for them to work clean. Though a little rough around the edges, this was a great contest and Takeshita winning sets things up nicely to see the DDT ace as champ again so I have very few complaints.

I really look forward to seeing how AEW and DDT work together in the near future, like they've suggested by the way. There is a lot of talent hiding here, and AEW would be smart to tap in.

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