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We are STARDOM!! #67 Review

Matches: 1.World of STARDOM Title: Utami Hayashishita(c) vs Saya Kamitani ***3/4 2.Utami Hayashishita vs Bea Priestley vs Syuri ***1/4 3.Momo Watanabe vs Nanae Takahashi NR Thoughts: All Star Dream Cinderella coverage continues, this time starting with Utami's defense of the World of STARDOM Championship against Kamitani. A great match, with Saya getting to actually show off far more than expected, before the red champ put her down. The super close call kickout down the stretch was especially well done.  Post, Bea challenged Utami. We then jump ahead a few days to March 7th, with Syuri, Utami, and Bea working a three-way. Good stuff overall, and logical booking. Syuri was included because, well who says no to a former UFC fighter, and to put Bea and Utami together without giving away the full match. Bea beating Utami was a perfect choice, too. Building block match. Next, Momo and Nanae. When the partnership with SEAdLINNNG was announced, this was a match I was hoping we'd get.

We are STARDOM!! #66 Review

Matches: 1.Mayu Iwatani vs Yoshiko **** 2.Mayu Iwatani vs Unagi Sayaka NR Thoughts: Time to catch back up on STARDOM. This one starts with Mayu and Yoshiko at the 10th Anniversary show from early March. Iwatani played the underdog like she does so well here, allowing for Yoshiko to come off as a true monster, which is a part she obviously plays well, too. Not only a fantastic match, but I also am hopeful that the result means a rematch for the SEAdLINNNG strap. They embraced in a show of respect after. Post, we are given Mayu talking about the match while being shown some highlights. The YouTube translate feature is still a major work in progress and my Japanese isn't good enough either to enjoy this new feature that STARDOM is adding to the episodes. We really should all forgive Yoshiko, for the record. Clips from the Assemble Vol. 4 show followed, with Mayu and Starlight beating Momo and AZM. The episode closed with a match from February, as part of Unagi's trial match series

The Check List: Top 10 American Dragon Matches I Want to See Before He Retires

The American Dragon is free from his shackles now, and looks to rise anew. While I have issues with WWE, and especially with Vince, one has to also give some credit. While their usage of him and the epic rise of popularity he saw within the company came begrudgingly, full of biting and pulling, he is still a far bigger star now than he was before. He used his platform to put on killer displays every time he could and the sad thing is that even his better matches for the company weren't always his, well to reference an anime franchise many are likely tired of reading references to, they weren't his final form. Before joining Vince's traveling circus of wrestling-related entertainment, The American Dragon was an epic performer that wowed all that got to see him with his brutal technical style and a clear love of the art. While under contract with WWE, Bryan has dropped a few names that he'd love to work against. I'd like to take a moment to drop my own wish list of ma

Monday Night Slam Masters Episode 2+ Review

Matches: 1.WWE Intercontinental Title: Apollo(c) vs KO *** 2.X-Division Title: Alexander(c) vs Ace ***1/2 3.KUSHIDA, MSK vs Legado del Fantasma ***1/2 4.Mexican National Trios Title Tournament, Semi-Final: Hijos del Inferno vs Guerrero Maya Jr, Stuka Jr, Star Jr NR 5.Cesaro, Bryan vs Rollins, Jey ***1/4 6.McIntyre vs Strowman NR 7.Callihan vs Edwards NR Thoughts: Watch the episode HERE . After The Midcard, breaking down some general midcard situations around the continent, we launched into an Intercontinental Championship match, with Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens in a good match with a shit finish. Just a building block in the end, but still enjoyable enough overall to give a nod of acceptance. On IMPACT, we saw Ace Austin getting his championship rematch following Alexander winning the strap at the last PPV. This was a very good stuff and, at risk of sounding like a broken record, another example of the positive direction of the division right now. Over on NXT, the Cruiserweight Champ

ROH TV #500 Review

Matches: 1.ROH Pure Title: Gresham(c) vs Lethal ***3/4 2.Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe ***3/4 Thoughts: While I reviewed the two matches for this HERE , as part of my review coverage of The RWB Channel's Monday Night Slam Masters, it's such a big episode that I went ahead and took time to watch all of the content aired and wanted to publish my review for it as well, away from that. They promote their long history before we get a Quinn segment, where she tells us that the ROH Experience group helped pick the matches for the installment. Lethal's prematch promo put over the champ nicely and was well done. Gresham returned the favor, while also plugging himself as holding the top prize of the company. I honestly love the new format of the show. It reminds me of Dojo Pro but, of course, with ROH quality. Their match was great and you can read more of my quick shot thoughts at the link above. Lethal continues to increasingly look frustrated. Sad Jay. Get that man some balloons. H

Monday Night Slam Masters Episode One+ Review

Matches: 1.TNT Title: Allin(c) vs Jungle Boy ***3/4 2.NXT Cruiserweight Title: KUSHIDA(c) vs Oney *** 3.Mark Briscoe vs Jay Briscoe ***3/4 4.Sarray vs Stark *** 5.Asuka vs Flair **1/2 6.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Conti **** 7.ROH Pure Title: Gresham(c) vs Lethal ***3/4 8.O'Reilly vs Grimes ***1/2 9.MLW World Title: Fatu(c) vs Tankman *** Thoughts: Watch HERE . This edition was the first for the Slam Masters series on Monday, moving from Saturday due to time restraints. Most of the content was recorded the Thursday prior to airing and will largely be the norm moving forward. The style changed, as well. Up first, The Midcard, where I run down the general happenings of lower card feuds and matches. Admittedly, I was rather tired when recording this so keep that in mind. The matches showcased during this section started with Darby retaining the TNT Championship after he bested Jungle Boy. The fact that this match is a main event is pretty cool. The underdog genre was once more

Saturday Night Slam Masters Episode 3+ Review

Matches: 1.Raw Women's Title: Rhea(c) vs Asuka NR 2.McIntyre vs Strowman vs Orton NR 3.MexiSquad vs The Foundation *** 4.NXT Cruiserweight Title: Escobar(c) vs KUSHIDA ***1/2 5.The Way vs Lumis, Reed, Shotzi, Moon NR 6.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Death Triangle ****1/2 7.Dax vs Jericho NR 8.TNT Title, Falls Count Anywhere: Allin(c) vs Hardy ***1/2 9.Owens vs Zayn NR 10.SmackDown Tag Titles: Dirty Dawgs(c) vs Street Profits *** 11.Cesaro vs Jey Uso NR Thoughts: A reminder that #SNSM moves to Monday after this edition and that the format is changed. WATCH THIS EDITION HERE . Flair returned on Raw to start things this week, cocky as hell in her promo as she called out the division and made it clear that she was back to dominate. Later in the night, a rematch from Mania saw Asuka against Rhea, and it ended with Flair coming out setting up a DQ finish. It didn't look very good and was bloated, literally just serving as a set up for a triple threat between the three down the li