Sunday, September 20, 2020

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Invitational Tournament First Round Matches

Using a bracket randomizer site, I am now ready to announce the opening round matches for the big tournament. Results will be up ASAP.

1.Arisa vs Bandido

2.McIntyre vs Go

3.Kenou vs Suzuki

4.Brodie vs Io

5.Ishida vs Hammerstone

6.Lashley vs Chihiro

7.RSP vs Yuka

8.Suwama vs Balor

9.Caristico vs Niebla Roja

10.Raju vs Ito

11.Volador vs Yoshitatsu

12.Eita vs Aldis

13.Omega vs Ishimori

14.Cuatrero vs Jeff

15.Devlin vs Rush

16.KLR vs Ultimo Guerrero

17.Kimber vs Mox

18.Robinson vs Fatu

19.Escobar vs Shida

20.Canis Lupus vs Brookes

21.Gunns vs Reigns

22.Dragon Lee vs Endo

23.Daga vs Gacy

24.Thunder vs Mayu

25.Reed vs Jinny

26.Bayley vs Taya

27.Ospreay vs Laredo Kid

28.Daichi vs Giulia

29.Suzu vs Purrazzo

30.Cara Noir vs Emperador Azteca

31.Asuka vs Naito


Open the Dungeon Gate #1: Trials of Sky

 Sky was woken suddenly by the sounds of Professor Elias' discontent to realize she had fallen asleep during their daily lecture. The rays from the sun coming in from the large window nearest upon her skin coupled with the monotonous nature of the lesson made for a perfect storm.

"Sky, do you remember what tomorrow is?", he asked sternly.

"Of course, it's the Aidespir Festival!"

He cocked an eyebrow in amusement before finishing going on about the history of Aidespir, a neighboring kingdom. The Festival was their biggest annual celebration and it was tradition for a high ranking official of the Mern kingdoms to attend. As the Princess of Garell, she has been chosen this year to be that representative by her father, the King.

The Land of Mern is made up of four different kingdoms, the largest being Cyr. Garell, Aidespir, and Remark being the other three much smaller territories. Being that Cyr was facing high levels of tension and rumors were building of a potential civil war, the Festival was likely going to be an event of great importance.

Sky wore the colors of her land proudly, a deep purple cloak highlighting her blue tented skin and contrasting her green emerald amulet that hung from around her neck, and was sure she could make her father and Garell proud. 

Upon completion of her one on one studies, Professor Elias guided her toward to barracks where the Raven Storm captain, Mel, awaited.

As she entered the large, stonework tower, she immediately noticed the large, stocky dwarven woman.

"Ah, Sky", she said in her low, deep gruffly voice with the words seeming to echo past her long brunette beard, "I have arranged a special training exercise for you."

She pointed ahead to a door on the west side that was marked with Dwarf letters, spelling out "Trials Room".

Sky was nervous, largely because Mel was a well known hardass that was known for setting trials for newcomers to Raven Storm so difficult that death was not that uncommon. Luckily, as she stared at the door in shaky anticipation, she noticed her best friend standing aside, longsword in hand.

Nemeia, a pink skinned Tiefling, had been her closest ally for as long as she remembered and had saved her life more times that Sky could count.

"You ready to fuck shit up, S?", she said crassly. 

In an instant, Sky's entire mood changed. She felt far more prepared now and felt herself taking effortless steps towards the entryway.

She opened the door.

Once on the other side, the door behind Sky and Nemeia disappeared. The room was pitch black for a moment and then torches along the grey stone walls lit up to reveal a large, square room with wooden tiled floors. Each tile featured a symbol but sadly Sky didn't recognize the origin of them. In the corner of the room opposite of them, a spinning purple stone levitated about chest height.

Nemeia quickly warned Sky, "I have a feeling that each step we make might trigger something. We must be tactful."

After a few moments of discussion, the two take their first steps, choosing a square tile immediate in front of them. As their feet set down, the rune lights up red and a small kobold appears ahead.

Without hesitation, it raises it's bow and fires a shot that whizzes right past Nemeia's left ear. Sky pulls her lightweight crossbow from behind her back and fires a shot of her own back, piercing the kobold's right eye and killing it instantly. As it drops, the rune at their feet dissolves away as does the kobold.

They took another step shortly after recollecting themselves, this time an angled tile in the direction of the stone. The runes below shined blue and disappeared.

"I'm thinking they are randomized", said Nemeia of the square floor plan.

The next step together and the runes lit with a blue light before disappearing.

"So, red for bad, blue for good", Sky responded.

With caution, they stepped toward their destination again.


A large door appeared in front of them, abruptly. After considering their options and spotting no obvious signs of the situation being a trap, Sky attempted to open the door which immediately turned red and quickly fell with a heavy weight.

Sky barely avoided being turned into a drow pancake.

With her heart in her throat and sweat pouring down, she breathed a sigh of relief as Nemeia checked on her.

At that moment, they realized they were now within arms reach of the stone. With the presumption that it was the end point, Nemeia reached out but, like the door, it reacted immediately. 

Within seconds, a giant ice giant took the place that the stone once had. With his right arm, he lifted it high and slammed his blunt wooden bat toward the two, barely missing them.

Nemiea responded quickly, slashing her longsword at the giant and slicing a minor wound into its' arm.

A deafening growl filled the room. Taking steps back, Sky then launched an arrow but missed as the beast lashed out in anger.

The giant's next blow missed the mark again, throwing him off his footing. Nemeia used the chance to slash again, this time hacking his left leg nearly completely off at the shin and Sky hit him in between the eyes with an arrow.

The giant's last blow struck Sky with force, sending her back and nearly knocking her out; blood pouring from her nose.

Nemeia lifted her sword once more and finished their enemy with a shot that pierced its' brain deeply.

The troll disappeared, replaced again by the stone which lit with a bright light.

The last thing Sky saw before passing out was that she was back in the bunker.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

RWB TRUE World Tag Team Open Championship Invitational League Announcement

Like the singles championship, I also am running a tag tournament featuring 16 of the top tag champs from around the world. Coverage for this will begin soon as well. 

Here's the lineup:

-AAA: Lucha Bros


-AJPW: Violent Giants

-CMLL: Caristico, Mistico

-DDT: Nautilus

-Dragon Gate: Lee, Kota


-MLW: Von Erichs

-NJPW: Dangerous Tekkers, Suzuki-gun Juniors

-NOAH: Ogawa, Hayata

-PWG: Rascalz

-ROH: Lee, Gresham

-Sendai: Hiroyo, DASH

-STARDOM: Utami, Saya

-WWE: Cesaro & Naka 

AEW Fyter Fest Night Two Review


1.AEW Tag Titles: Elite(c) vs Private Party ***3/4

2.Archer vs Janela ***

3.Butcher & Blade, Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks, FTR ***3/4

4.Rose vs Kenzie,King NR

5.Dark Order, Colt vs SCU ***1/4

6.Jericho vs Orange ***3/4


Night two featured better overall content than night one. Kenny and Page got a great match versus Private Party in the opener, Archer and Janela worked a fun extended squash, the atomico was wildly entertaining, Rose had a decent handicap squash, the six-man with Dark Order (and Colt) versus SCU was good, and the main was exactly what it should be. The hits were harder than what cameraman 8 felt in the Reds game this morning.

In other news, Cage was given the FTW Championship from Tazz, Swole and Baker had a moment, and Darby sent in footage of him trying to kill himself. Good shit. 

The roster stepped up nicely here and it made for a very strong episode.

Overall Rating:80/100%

AEW Fyter Fest Night One Review


1.Jurassic Express vs MJF, Wardlow ***1/4

2.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Ford ***1/2

3.AEW TNT Title: Cody(c) vs Hager ***1/4

4.Inner Circle vs Private Party ***1/2

5.AEW Tag Titles: Elite(c) vs Best Friends ***1/2


We're in July now as I catch up and I see both nights of this special edition installment received strong reviews so lets dig in. I might have two other Dynamite episodes that were taped this month to review in full too if time allows. The choice to watch these in full was aided by my kiddos wanting to see, "that dinosaur and the bang guy" more, by the way.

I'll be doing a large roundup of July content separate as well, like I've done with the other months.

Up first, Jurassic Express against MJF and his bodyguard, Wardlow. The cute little kip up sequence was fun and the entire thing was entertaining. The finish could've been a tad better and nothing here blew me away, but it was a good start. The MJF promo that preceded this was pretty good, by the way.

A commercial for a puppy battle royal aired. Why not...

A package building Ford and Shida was next. Decent. Ford can be a good worker and is far better than Kip, at least. Shida can make just about anyone look better than they are, too. I honestly even could see Ford as champ one day in AEW. Not that she'd be the best option, I just see it happening. She indeed did look solid here, but Shida's control sections were far better showings. Props for the Matrix dodge, though. Pretty good overall, just inking into recommendation levels by a hair.

They broke down Mox's finish next with Taz. Felt hokey.

Cody defended against Hager next in the match I had the least expectations for. Despite that, it was actually an enjoyable contest. Perhaps I just have a history of seeing Hager matches barely get far outside of two star range. Perhaps it's the bad taste I still have after that Dustin match Hager had. Oh well, props to the two for exceeding expectations a tad. It wasn't great, but for what it was and who these two are, it was about as good as it gets. Cody is very much a flash in the pan dude. He can be amazing in the right situations but they're rare moments. Other times, he's a very serviceable worker. Never really bad, at least and I like what I've seen of this reign though the finishes aren't my cup of tea.

Moving along, Darby gets a moment. Basically reminds me of the old skate tapes I used to watch back in high school. I have loads of scars from those days. Short and sweet.

Orange came out and joined the commentary crew. Did Orange stuff. Dude is Fire, AiN'T he?

PnP versus Private Party in the semi spot. Matt came out with the latter again and worked as their manager. I like that relationship and would love to see them grow as a team. They've been good at times, but a tad inconsistent. Luckily, they were up against one of the best teams in the country. I'll go ahead and recommend this one too, but just barely. Don't rush if you missed it, but consider it. I'm sure a pay per view rematch would be better.

Jericho and Orange shared a moment after. Should I get a Bullet Club or Inner Circle sticker for my acoustic, by the way?

The bikini chicks are a tacky addition.

Omega and Page cut a promo and we got some previews for night two. Then Taz and Cage got some time to shine. I like the pairing of the two. Taz mocked WWE a tad which is fair, but AEW really shouldn't get too soapboxy. If they really wanted to do things safe, they'd try a bubble method like NBA. AEW deserves props for their methods working thus far but it more to do with luck than people might be willing to admit.

The main event saw the World Tag straps on the line against Chucky and Trent. Trent's mom dropping them off was good stuff and the match was very good and a strong way to close the episode. Page and Kenny have sincerely been one of my favorite duos in the game and work so well together. Post, FTR share a moment with the champs.

Honestly, this was a strong special episode where everything was either worth seeing or close to it. No MOTYC's, but good tv nonetheless. 

I'd like to close this review by sending my condolences to Ruth Bader's family and friends. I know you're very likely not reading this, but I wanted to send out the good vibes regardless. 


Overall Rating: 75/100%

Friday, September 18, 2020

Review Roundup of Missed Content #7: June Pt. 2

1.Butcher & Blade vs FTR (06/10) ***3/4
2.Cody vs Quen (06/10) ***1/4
3.Arisa vs ASUKA (06/13) ****3/4
4.Maya vs Suzu (06/13) ****
5.Go vs Saito (06/14) ***3/4
6.Suzuki vs Nagata (06/17) ****
7.Bayley, Banks vs Shotzi, Nox (06/17) ***1/4
8.567 Tubes: Abdullah vs Sakuda vs Ishikawa (06/21) ***1/2
9.SHO vs SHINGO (06/22) ****1/4
12.Suwama vs Ashino (06/30) ****

Ten more for the month of June. Here's part one of the month's review roundup.

The first match this go around saw FTR versus B&B. I see Bunny is no longer aligned with the duo. Bad call in my opinion. She's a solid enough worker that they should use her in ring, especially with the division being diminished a bit right now, but they should still have kept her as a manager alongside her husband and the Everytime I Die badass. Oh well. I'm very happy for FTR as I remember they were amazing in NXT but it seemed they hated "main roster" WWE. After seeing the way they were treated behind the scenes in the dirtsheets, it's hard to argue that they're not better off now and they seem far happier now. As much shit as I give Khan, deservingly I might add, AEW is largely a far better work place that WWE and gets more out of the performers as a result. This match featured a level of intensity and urgency you don't see often stateside and was a truly great contest. Tag team wrestling done right.

Number nine featured Cody defending against Private Party's Quen as his Cena run with the TNT Title continues! Marq put on a fun underdog story before falling to The Elite rep, and I can see why many might be even higher up on this one than I was. I wish Private Party were more consistent as a duo but this was certainly better than expected. Props to AEW for allowing Quen to wear the BLM statement on Dynamite, too.

Arisa and ASUKA tried their best to kill each other for our pleasure and they did an amazing job. Arisa has long been a favorite of mine and ASUKA continues to shine nearly every time I see her. I loved every second, every stuff strike, every near fall. This was fucking awesome and seriously one of my favorite matches I've seen in a while. Once I update my recommendation section, this will be alongside my current MOTY leaders. Go out of your way to see this. NOW!

Admittedly, the next joshi match was far from the same level but still a fantastic defense from the Ice Ribbon crew. It's unfair to compare the two though and a disservice to the talent involved. Check this out, perhaps before the Arisa match, and see another prime example of why joshi is tops!

Staying in Japan, Go Shiozaki and Saito for the GHC strap is next. I like the DDT presentation additions. This was a great, Voorhees clash and worked pretty damn well as a tribute to the almighty Misawa. Go has done very well in this reign, reminding us all of how good he truly is and making dudes like Saito who is past his prime, with all due respect, look like a solid contender. A polarizing affair, but one I personally recommend.

Strike after strike, blow after blow, the ageless monster, Suzuki Minoru, and Big Blue went to battle and proved that they can still work better than a lot of the dudes that are far younger. If you like seeing two grumpy ass old dudes beat the fuck out of each other, you'll love this. Remember, Minoru sees everything you do and will come for you! You've been warned.

Sasha and Bayley head to NXT to defend gold against Nox and Shotzi next. I had decent expectations, but admittedly it was right outside of recommendation levels for me. A better final minute or so might have changed that, but it was still a fairly good, largely enjoyable tag team sprint and everyone looked good, especially Banks.

There will be blood! Abdullah with hair is fucking weird to me for the record. Anyway, this Big Japan three-way was a delightful spectacle exactly as it should be and a very fun death match. It should hit the spot for anyone craving something extreme.

Before closing the set, we have New Japan action! SHINGO has long been a favorite of mine, for many years in fact. He was once my favorite worker in the world, even. He's still in my top five. Here, he faced SHO, a kid I guarantee will be a major player very soon. The two did exactly what I expected and showcased why the New Japan roster is so elite and why these two deserve wide praise in general. I was surprised at the result but not in a bad way. I'd also note that the last minute or so could have been a tad better, but on the whole this was truly fantastic work and full of top shelf entertainment and drama. Another strong recommendation.

Heading home, my favorite former WRESTLE-1 employee challenged Suwama for one of the most important championships in all of wrestling! I have to give the champ huge amounts of credit for showing time and time again that he is still a great worker despite being part of the old guard now. He's done well as champ even if I think others would serve better in the spot. I also have to say I love that All Japan is pushing Ashino and I hope he remains with them for many years. He's young enough that he certainly has a very good run in store if so and I salivate thinking of the title matches he has ahead. This closed the set out nicely with a fun match that lived up nicely to my expectations and another worth checking out if you missed it. Shuji challenged after, setting up a Violent Giants showoff!

July content up soon as well as a chapter of Open the Dungeon Gate.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Invitational League Announcement

Utilizing Fire Pro World, I will be holding a huge tournament featuring the top champions in wrestling to crowd the RWB TRUE World Championship. This is an openweight, open gender title. Eligible competitors must hold a subjectively significant tiered championship as of September 15th to qualify and work for one of the following companies (listed alphabetically): AAA, AEW, AJPW, BJW, CMLL, CZW, DDT, Dragon Gate, GCW, Ice Ribbon, IMPACT, IWRG, MLW, NJPW, NOAH, NWA, Oz Academy, PROGRESS, PWG, RevPro, ROH, TJP, Sendai, SEAdLINNNG, SHIMMER, STARDOM, WWE, and wXw. I will run one of these for teams, too. The winner will defend monthly against the person I pick as wrestler of the month unless someone wins a televised match against them in which case that person gets the shot.

More details and coverage to follow.

Here's the lineup:

-AAA: Omega, Daga, Laredo Kid, Taya

-AEW: Moxley, Brodie, Shida

-AJPW: Suwama, Yoshitatsu

-BJW: Daichi, Ito

-CMLL: Ultimo Guerrero, Niebla, Cuatrero, Volador, Caristico 

-CZW: Gacy

-DDT: Endo, Brookes

-Dragon Gate: Eita, Ishida


-Ice Ribbon: Suzu

-IMPACT: Young, Purrazzo, Raju

-IWRG: Hijo de Canis Lupus, Emperador

-MLW: Fatu, Hammerstone, Reed

-NJPW: Naito, Suzuki, Ishimori

-NOAH: Go, Kenou

-NWA: Aldis, Thunder

-PROGRESS: Cara Noir, Jinny, Robinson

-PWG: Bandido

-RevPro: Ospreay

-ROH: Rush, Dragon Lee


-Sendai: Chihiro

-SHIMMER: Kimber

-STARDOM: Mayu, Giulia

-TJP: Yuka

-WWE: McIntyre, Asuka, Jeff, Reigns, Lashley, Devlin, Bayley, Balor, Io, WALTER, Kay Lee Ray, Escobar

-wXw: Gunns

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 62 Thoughts

The latest episode of Ten Pounds of Gold builds up Mike Bennett's challenge for Aldis' NWA World Heavyweight Championship, with the usual, well done personal touches tacked on throughout. Mike chats about his passion for the industry and why he refuses to give up. Nick gets plugged for his value as the face of the brand. 

NWA does a great job making matches come off as emotional and important. The in ring content might not be at the same level as most of the other major feds in the business, but it comes off strong due to the hard work of the talent nonetheless. During the second season of Powerrr I found myself enjoying the series and embracing it for all the flaws. The third season was a dip but had a lot of potential, but we know what happened with that. I am interested to see how the group handle things moving forward now.

If you are interested in NWA, go ahead and check this out. I'll post the review for the match when I get a chance to watch, but this had me far more excited for a Bennett match than I have likely ever been before and is certainly worth your time.

Monday, September 14, 2020

We are STARDOM!! #28 Review

We are STARDOM TV show debuting 1/2 every Thursday at 24:30 : stardomjoshi


1.Queen's Quest(Momo,AZM) vs Queen's Quest(Utami,Saya) ***1/4

2.DdM(Giulia,Syuri,Maika,Himeka) vs STARS(Mayu,Starlight,Tam,Lida) ***1/2


The Jets sent out a lot of red flags yesterday afternoon, failing to play the full dollar or even close to it, so some STARDOM with my daughter should make for a fun way to make up for things.

This is from the Stardom Is Again! return show back near the end of June. The episode started with a shot of a Hana tribute taking place and then showcased a few quick clips of low card match finishes before moving onto the meat of the installment.

Up first, in-fighting between QQ duos. This was clipped down to around six minutes and focused on Momo and Utami's stretch of the match and the finish, with the other players working  as quick assistance spots. Luckily, those two are the stars of the match. Nearing the time limit, we saw both in a frantic pace trying to put each other away but inevitably a draw ensured no one would be having their arm raised in victory in post. While I have no doubt the entire 20 minute match was great, and while I did enjoy what I got to see here, I cannot put this into that same rating realm. I would've much preferred they had aired the entire thing, or more of it, to fill out a single episode and allow themselves the ability to have more content for the series but obviously that isn't in the cards. For what we did get, I still consider it fairly good and a strong start to the in-ring portion of the episode.

Closing this out, Guilia and her ragtime crew versus STARS in atomico action! Starlight Kid was the target of an extended attack session from the heel side before Mayu tagged in and got to showoff a bit and then we had some good back and forth trading evening things out a bit. For the main event of the company return, I'd say it was more than serviceable and the overall execution more than sufficed. If you only have time to pick around, this is at least worth your consideration and a pretty good match in general and high energy fun.

I have a YouTube playlist put together of select episodes of the show that I will be watching with my kiddo, separate from the ongoing catch up collections I have been posting of late. Expect more reviews to be up soon. For now, note that #28 was an enjoyable experience!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Review Roundup of Missed Content #6: June Pt. 1

DDT: «Wrestle Peter Pan 2020 - Day 2» The Coronation of Tetsuya Endo -  Superfights


1.Cody vs Jungle Boy (06/03) ***3/4

2.Kongo vs Higuchi,Sanshiro,Tomomitsu (06/06) ***3/4

3.Hardcore: Daisuke vs Isami vs Shunma (06/06) ***1/2

4.Tokyo 2020 Last Man Standing: Takeshita vs Yoshihiko (06/06) ***3/4

5.Yuka, Miraclians vs Rika, Bakuretsu Sisters **3/4

6.HARASHIMA, Marufuji vs MAO, ASUKA (06/07) ****

7.Nautilus vs #STRONGHEARTS (06/07) ****

8.Tanaka vs Endo (06/07) ****1/4

9.Io vs Ripley vs Flair (06/07) ****1/4

10.Styles vs Bryan (06/08) ****1/2


My June pull list was so large I decided to break it up into parts. I have some episodes of We are STARDOM to watch with my kiddo that are from this month, as well.

The first pull is from when Cody was pulling a Cena. I've heard great things about Cody's TNT Championship run and I appreciate what I've seen of Jungle Boy since I first started seeing him in California. Cody's aggression, Jungle doubling down on his underdog role, both worked nicely together to tell a good story. The MJF rest spot served a decent purpose and allowed Cody time to get color going. High drama and a match that simply exceeded expectations. Great stuff.

Over to Japan for this year's Peter Pan set of shows, starting with matches from night one.

The first saw the invading Kongo, one of my favorite factions in wrestling, against a DDT-gun union in a fun six-man ride. The story here was great too, building off of the NOAH/DDT union, and the president of the companies teaming alongside the DDT reps against Kenou who has been vocal about his reservations. There was outside brawling, big boy slams, hard strikes, and decent amounts of drama. Kenou showed up to defend NOAH and walked out victorious while acting like a glorious dick the entire time. Great match.

The second was a hardcore three-way. It felt a tad off at times, especially in the opening stretch, but was still pretty good. Joker Shunma was a fun, Daisuke was his normal awesome self, and Isami remains an underrated hardcore dude.

Last, a cinematic wrestling match featuring the DDT ace against the infamous inflatable doll. It was far better than it deserved to be. Of course, Takeshita can make almost anything work. Yoshihiko wanted to make ALL OUT, ALL DEAD but...well, I won't spoil anything. This was great and well worth seeing but only if you go in with a very open mind. Stay tuned for a mid-credits scene. Oh, and for anyone wanting to watch this with the volume on in the same room as someone else, they will likely think you are watching some weird, horror themed porn.

Night two also had some solid pulls, starting with TJP showcase action. It was a pretty decent outing, but pretty basic. They're capable of far more and I encourage you to check them out but I get why people might be underwhelmed with this encounter.

Next, an old guard vs youth tag match. My biggest takeaway is that it felt like it was meant to be a main event for a lesser DDT show instead of a throwaway on their biggest. It was a tad too long, but perhaps felt rightfully major as a result of layout. Hell, I'm not even complaining as much as saying it felt a bit out of place. Either way, this was well worth checking out. Hell, it's a Marufuji match with commentary from Akiyama on a DDT event so that alone makes it worth considering. Fantastic tag and ASUKA's defiance post was awesome.

Oh, and on the off chance that Andy Dalton searched Marufuji and found this (or that he is simply just reading since I know he used to visit)...I'd like to remind you to go fuck yourself, scumbag!

Next, KO-D Tag belts are on the line! CIMA's boys continue to be amazing. 

The last take out featured Tanaka and Endo going to battle over the KO-D Championship. I kind of like the trend that we saw early in the year that saw a lot of old guard vets take top prizes in companies and Tanaka remains so talented even today that it didn't feel anything like when, say, WWE put their strap on Goldberg. That said, Endo really is being turned into a proper star in DDT and I am glad he reclaimed his spot on top of DDT here. They worked hard to put in for a match deserving of the situation and it's one of the best empty arena matches you'll see. I am eager to see what is next and highly recommend this one. Borderline MOTYC.

This feels like a good place to take a break for a moment and mention a fantasy booking idea. So, have Kenny turn heel soon in AEW. Have that lead to him dethroning Mox at Revolution. Use that to set up a slow burn where Page beats Kenny next year to finally put Adam over as a true top guy. After that lose, have Kenny go on a redemption tour where he works awesome matches in DDT, AAA, etc and air the content on Dynamite. Really, I just want a decent tour for Omega in DDT and think this could be the best way to make that happen where it helps everyone.

Next up, three way women's action from NXT. I kind of dig the set they have going on here, modernizing the old In Your House setup a bit. All three stepped up big to put on one hell of a show. Nice drama and near falls and tight action. The spots were laid out very well creating a strong flow. Truly fantastic and one of my favorite women's matches of 2020.

Styles and Bryan are two dudes more than capable of killing it anytime they want/are allowed to. Here, they did exactly that in the last match of this set! Truthfully, you'd have a hard time finding a better televised wrestling match and I strongly recommend this one, too. The biggest issue that keeps it from being perhaps rated higher is that it is indeed a television contest and thus there were loads of breakaways and missing spots, disrupting the flow but despite that it was still the best overall contest of the month. The worst thing is that WWE could sincerely be this good always if they wanted to, but prefer phoned in and hokey. Oh well. If you wanna see elite workers working an elite match, find this and hit play!

I'll try to update the recommendation section soon, by the way. Expect part two of the set up as soon as possible, too. I am also working on a new acoustic album for my Xarv'inX project and am still making videos for the Howie Hawkins POTUS campaign.

Thanks for reading, as always.