Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Select Match Reviews: Fireworks Blast (ZERO1)

Match from ZERO1 Super Fireworks 02/24:
1.Super Plasma Blast Death: Strong Hearts(CIMA,Lindaman,Irie,T-Hawk) vs Tanaka, Hide, Ikuto, Sugawara ***1/2

I had somehow missed these two previously so I'm breaking my rules a bit by going back. It's my rules though so fuck it, right? So, this was short but it was also a fucking spectacle. They used their time well and the blast spots were a sight to see. If you want a sprint with a few fun spots and an explosive finish, check this out.

We are STARDOM #13 Review

1.Queen's Quest(Momo,Utami) vs Oedo Tai(Bea,Hayter) ***
2.Jungle, Hoshino vs Onozaki, Lida NR
3.Future of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Kamitani ***1/2

This week's edition started in the heat of the battle and focused largely on Bea versus Momo. It was all action with a few nice nearfalls but was also very short. It might not have enough meat for some and was just a bit outside of recommendation levels for me. Note that the full match was about 12 minutes according to Cagematch, but they only aired about 4.

Highlights followed for a tag match featuring my daughter's third favorite wrestler. It looked decent and just happened to be a sendoff for Leo. Wishing her the best!

The main attraction this week was Utami defending the Future of STARDOM Championship. Saya worked the champ's leg pretty well and actually played from on top for a majority before Utami got a comeback stretch and took her out. I enjoyed this pretty well and it certainly closed the show on a nice note.

After, Utami dropped the title because she's not a rookie any longer. Then, Utami tried to get a new member for Queen's Quest in Kamitani. Drama between Saya and Hoshino closed things.

We are STARDOM packs a lot of action in each episode. Make sure you aren't skipping these!!!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

AAA Nacemos Para Luchar: Cancun Parte 1 Review

1.Keyra, Maravilla, Villano III Jr vs Dinastia, Shani, Hambuerguesa ***1/4
2.Los Mercanarios(Texano,Escorpion,Hiedra) vs Jinetes del Aire(Vikingo,Myzteziz,Octagon) ***1/2
3.OGT's vs Psycho Clown, Lucha Bros ***1/2

Can you believe it's still the same month that Pete Buttigieg dropped out? This has been a long ass month. I mean, my wife is on the front line of this pandemic and I'm watching the country let her, as us as Americans, down over and over again. Monday, they took that shit to another level. Looks like I am moving again soon. And I swear, if I get this shit and actually die from it make sure that someone keeps this blog from disappearing from the internet.

Good thing we still have wrestling?

Anyway, sorry about the mini-rant...

The opener this week went in waves of advantage. Solid pace with a nice catalog of spots. Everyone looked good and the run in from Hiedra took nothing away. Good way to start the episode for sure.

Up second, after they promoted their picks for best flyers in the company (Myzteziz Jr, Octagon Jr, Laredo Kid, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo), the Jinetes took the the air quick and often. The heels them beat the shit out of them in response. They won clean, excusing away the quick victory they had recently. Australian Suicide attacked Vikingo after.

Our main event this week started with a brawl. The OGT's are not impressed with the Lucha Bros. The comeback spots worked well, the rudos came off well, and everything here just was fun and pretty damn smooth.

Sure, the episode felt a bit formulaic, but the contests used a proven formula well and everything was good as a result. While nothing here really broke out of that range into great+ territory, that's okay. I have praised AAA a lot since the Vamp era ended and that seems likely to continue.

I'll try to catch up on ONE soon and post some content. For now, watch this one and have some fun!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

Monday, March 30, 2020

Road to Dynamite 03/30/20 Thoughts

Kulture City founders chat to start this one. Good use of what I presume is old footage they hadn't utilized. The big story here was the announcement of a new championship coming to the brand. The TNT Championship, named after the network and their version of a TV Title, will be crowned in a tournament. Half of the bracket will be revealed tomorrow on Dark and the other on Dynamite.

I have Sammy beating Darby in the finals but obviously my picks might change depending on the bracket announcement.

Today was a very bad day for me so I was very thankful to have a chance to watch some wrestling related content tonight. That's it from me tonight. I hope to get to STARDOM and AAA tomorrow.

Being the Elite #197 Thoughts

Matt is going a little stir crazy but the dream lives on.

Nick has been healing, gaming, and also officially has a new kid which is awesome. Hee Hee!

Matt might have the virus. Might not. Fuck knows at this point, right?

Omega gave an update. Colt got his shot. Omega shit his pants. Good thing he has a stash of TP.

CD spent his birthday in quarantine. His is actually the same day as mine. My gifts were better. How the fuck is he 50? I swear, the dude is immortal.

Avalon and Cutler shared a moment via telephone.

Luchasaurus is taking the whole thing worst than most of us. The quest for his tail begins!

They kind of brought back the mail bag segment. They really should actually bring that back, by the way.

Page is too busy playing Animal Crossing, is out of TP, is wrestling the couch cushions, has turned into the Tiger King, and is ducking his teammates. The descriptions below the Elite's names in that last segment were great.