Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sheepdogs and the Megalodon

One of the biggest lies sold to us by the DNC is that they are the home party of progressives. They do so while consistently mocking and belittling our movement and consistently being part of the resistance. And, make no mistake! Every path forward is, and always has been, met with heavy resistance. With the fact that the party is owned by the powerful elite, it only makes sense that this would be the case. But, why then do they succeed at pushing the idea that they are the right party for progressives on so many? How have they managed to make this con work?


Do you know what sheep dogs do? They round up the sheep and send them in one direction. If you train a sheep dog to run the sheep off a cliff, they're doing their job but is it what's best for those sheep that are falling to their ends? Of course not, yet the party that continues the status quo that is responsible for millions of deaths does it anyway. Why should titans care about the ants they squash?

Bernie Sanders ignited a movement when he went from being the fun, crazy dude in US politics and hit the mainstream during the 2016 election. The disenfranchised voters flocked to him in large numbers to hear him speak. But, despite the passion, the DNC knew that a candidate like that would hurt the party because the party is a front for corporate interests. They fucked him over and, in doing so, fucked us all over.

This election, we saw the same thing happen again, carefully orchestrated but blatantly obvious. The party is also home to names like AOC, Tusli Gabbard, and a small handful of other progressives. They are allowed to participate as sheep dogs to round us up. The Republicans then try to fear tactic their own voters by pointing to the tiny group and say that they speak for the entire party. The us versus them mentality makes many that dislike the GOP assume they are right but that it's not a bad thing. We're told that these progressives even being allowed to exist within the party are a good enough reason to bow down to the DNC.

But I think people that sincerely back progressive ideals know, deep down, that this isn't okay. The party thinks they own votes. They stand by the idea that they own the votes of persons of color, of anyone that isn't heterosexual, etc. and they campaign in a way that promotes that. An arrogant complacency with touches of pandering mixed in for good measure.

Are you tired of seeing progressive politicians get patted on the back just enough to keep them from leaving? Of them trying to change the shark from within? Because, let's be honest and admit that when you try to do that, you just get eaten.

If so, tell the Democrats that they can go fuck themselves this November and in every election moving forward.

Vote Green

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Open the Dungeon Gate #0

Welcome to Open the Dungeon Gate #0. I will detail the basics of the world that the main campaign will be set in as well as additional information that I felt was worth listing. Note that I will have a few different campaigns and some one off entries as the series continues, though most will take place in this setting.

Now, first of all, know that the adventures detailed in the entries will all take place in Cyr, a melting pot Kingdom that is on the brink of war with itself. The adventures will be a mixed bag of completely original content alongside the usage of premade modules that I've made edits to. Most of the posts will be mostly text based, written in a mixed format as I see fit. The bigger campaigns will take place via Roll20 or a contemporary and I'll post some screens or video from those.

This ties in with the short story entries on Night Dagger, for the record.

Cyr is a rather large area and takes up a majority of the continent of Mern on the planet Xarv'inX. The population demographics here showcase a high level of diversity, but racial tensions are one of the biggest issues facing Cyr. Another is that many divides have cracked the fabric of the land and civil war seems possible. In nearly the exact middle of Cyr is the capital, which is appropriately named, Capital City.

The land is ruled by an elected official, an elf named, Tornilius Cercum. He has brought heavy levels of corruption to Cyr and has a history of bigoted statements toward dwarf-kind and mixed races. There are four states within Cyr, each being decent in scale and each rather unique. Each has it's own representative as part of the Cyrian Government Council.

The rest of the world will be detailed in future posts. I'll mainly be using Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 and 5th eds depending on the situation) along with Pathfinder at times. Some stories will be largely self contained while others part of an overreaching story.

The first official episode should be up soon, though I do have a move coming up.

Keep an eye out.

3 WILD Kevin Steen Matches in ROH! Review

1.ROH World Title: Richards(c) vs Steen ***3/4
2.ROH World Title, Ladder War: Steen(c) vs Generico ****1/2
3.Shinsuke vs Steen ***1/4

This one looked good enough to watch in full. The only match I've never seen from the set is the first encounter, for the record.

It was great stuff with a solid pace that built up nicely. Pretty on par with content from the states at this level during that time period and fans of NXT should enjoy the layout. Reminds me a lot of the brand (when I used to watch it, at least).

Up second, alongside multiple examples of audio issues, we had the famous Steen vs Generico Ladder War, which honestly holds up very well and remains one of my favorite ladder matches ever. The violence level is top shelf and the drama is superb. I still love the finish, though the commentary as Kevin reached out for the belt remains a thorn. I hate that both work for Vince these days, though I am happy they are getting paid well, by the way.

Lastly, Shinsuke and Steen from 2014 event, War of the Worlds! I fucking miss Naka. This was easily the weakest match of the bunch, but served as a fun crowd pleaser regardless. I'd call it fairly good and the crowd had a good time, for sure.

In all, this was another solid set from Ring of Honor. If you only have time for one, watch the Ladder War epic!