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The RW+B Channel, A Reboot of Sorts

The RW+B Channel  will be undergoing a reboot of sorts, with more focus going towards promoting content at the link alongside the blog's regular postings. #SLAMMASTERS and Hudson River Power Hour will return, alongside some other content, plus new shows will start to air as well. One such show will feature Steve Stone, retired wrestler, and Is It Worth It? which I hope you'll all enjoy. Keep an eye out for more updates and know that I will possible be a tad MIA this week as I have a surgery at the end of it and I'm either going to be distracted with nerves and other shit or I might actually be posting frequently as a distraction.  I guess we'll see.

This Week in WWE TV, 07/19-07/23 ONGOING

MATCH RAW 1.Keith Lee vs Lashley NR 2.Kross vs Hardy NR 3.Raw Women's Title: Flair(c) vs Rhea **1/4 NXT 4.KUSHIDA, Fish vs Diamond Mine ***1/4 5.O'Reilly vs Theory ***1/4 6.NXT Women's Title: Raquel(c) vs Xia ** Thoughts: RAW featured Cena returning to complain about a dude that isn't on Raw. He claimed to love chaos. It was standard fun Cena stuff. Not good, not bad. He'll be on Fox, too. No way he isn't because Fox won't be happy seeing all the love USA got instead, otherwise. What chants are annoying. A Summerslam match between Cena and Roman should be fun, at least. It won't be a MOTYC and that's okay. Roman will get a nice rub that I hope WWE doesn't fuck up. It's a coin flip. Keith Lee returned. He lost to Lashley in about two minutes because that's how you bring back a dude. Then Goldberg came out to challenge the dude. So, Cena on SmackDown. Goldberg on Raw. NXT was supposed to help keep AEW's numbers down but didn't do a

Red Rose Report #4: How CNN is Helping Trump Win in 2024, and More!

You know one of the biggest reasons that Trump was elected in the first place? Because CNN gave the dude billions in infinite airtime because it boosted their own ratings. So, when those ratings drop after the election and you've spent far less time on the dude, what do you think is going to happen? That's right, they are amping it all up again. Fun, right?  I'm not one for censorship. Increasingly so.  I just think Outlets need to own their part in all of this instead of Biden and crew acting like censoring people is the answer. I'm also sick of seeing the media circle jerk as they all act superior, whether it be Fox or CNN etc. Americans are hurting and all we are given is cheap shot television of Idiocracy level stupidity while being told to point our fingers at The Other. Fuck that. Also, Biden won't run for reelection and Harris can't win anything. That mixed with the free publicity, the angst, and the feeling many will likely have that the Democrats have d

AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night Two LIVE REVIEW

Matches: 1.Jericho vs Spears *** 2.Gallows vs Kaz ** 3.Yuta vs Darby *** 4.AEW Women's Title: Baker(c) vs Rose *** 5.Orange vs Blade ***1/2 6.IWGP United States Title, Texas Death Match: Mox(c) vs Archer ****1/4 Thoughts: I'm back for another live review. Will we see Bryan and/or Punk? Refresh as the show progresses. Jericho's music hits and the crowd chants loudly. Spears next with MJF behind him to join commentary. That should rock. The trial plot here is good shit on paper and I hope it works out just as well in action. JR sounds like he's calling in on a shaky phone line for a bit. The gimmick, allowing Spears to utilize a chair throughout while Jericho is required to play it straight is honestly a fun idea as the first trial. I spot a Dragon Gate shirt in the front row which is badass. MJF tries to put over his unit-mate as being amazing. I can't got that far but he's decent and I've generally been okay with his catalog. He got cocky down the stretch le

Select Match Reviews: Layeth The (WWE)

Matches from SmackDown, 07/16 1.Edge, Mysterios vs Reigns, Usos ***1/2 2.SD Women's Title: Belair(c) vs Carmella **3/4 3.Big E vs KO vs Rollins vs Shinsuke ***1/2 Thoughts: I'll get to Money in the Bank soon, likely. I'm about to start doing weekly roundup posts like I used to moving forward for US tv stuff, by the way. First, lets kill off some pulls from here. So, the first match I checked out saw Edge team with Rey and his kid against Roman and his cousins. Honestly, it was a fun building block match ahead of two MITB contests and well done in general. A pretty good match with good story work and it teased enough for bigger ones. The post-match drama was a nice cherry. Carmella challenged Bianca in a throwaway match for the women's blue belt. It was solid...for what it was. No more, no less. Perhaps better than expected? Note that Finn left NXT for SmackDown on this installment too. During a segment that saw Sami ranting, Balor came out and got some of his s

Red Rose Report #3: The Final Frontier, a Look at the Rich Boy Space Race and More

As we continue to see the rich boys, with no idea what to do with their money, continue to race to do the same things NASA already did years ago, we should be laughing and crying at the same time. Not clapping. Billionaire travel that takes you to just the border of what is considered space and an apparent endgame to flee the world they've destroyed. These are the dudes that could have been Batman but decided not to. Never trust folks that could have been Batman but decided not to. Can we just fucking fund NASA properly, please? And NOAA? Yeah, lets do that. AOC finally is showing teeth it seems. Look, the point of the Justice Democrats was to be the Tea Party of the left but, as expected, they've largely been nerfed. By themselves. But, I'll note that her statements recently set herself up for a spot at the discussion table for the ongoing talking down of the infrastructure plans that oil industry puppets are participating in. Now, she and her colleagues need to step up an

Red's RBI #10: Refusing to Die, a Look at the Perseverant Mets

The New York Mets have been a rollercoaster full of emotional damage and amazing sights of perseverance this year, haven't they? There's a spirit there that has been obvious nearly every outing for the club through the season thus far and will to fight. Other Mets lineups over the years would have already crumbled by now, deciding instead to coast through what remained, collect their checks, and not truly give a damn.  Not this squad. Through the injuries, the embarrassments, and the series collapses, there is an ever present spark waiting to show up and keep hope alive. As things sit right now, this team somehow still leads their division and has an actual hope at making moves in the post-season in a way that brings me a smile every time I think of it.  Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Sure, it's the way of a Mets fan after all.  Still though, the pieces are there and all it takes is a bit of luck, the proper alignment of the stars, the will of the baseball gods,