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PILLARS: 1990, HEART, FLY, and MASK! Coming Soon!

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries, I'm proud to announce the release of PILLARS: 1990 due for release this FALL! Also, HEART, FLY, and MASK. HEART will look at joshi gems for the 90's, FLY will be on the subject of that same era in M-Pro, and MASK looks at 90's lucha. Digital will come as a gift to those donating $10 and $15 is for DVD. Keep an eye out for more information.

WCW Nitro #11 Review

Matches: 1.Macho Man vs Meng *1/4 2.Sasaki vs Benoit NR 3.WCW TV Title: Badd(c) vs Guerrero **3/4 4.Sting vs Malenko **1/4 Thoughts: Hogan's promo to start this was so fucked it made me think someone had slipped me acid or something. What was especially fucking weird was how Halloween themed this was despite being a few weeks past the holiday at this point. Savage beat Meng in a very meh match and, instead of a decapitation after, we just had Lex trying to rip an arm off. The next one saw Benoit against a dude that they promoted as getting a title shot that week. So, what did they do? Did they build up the challenger? Nope, they made him look weak, falling in under three minutes. To be very clear, Sasaki is an awesome worker and this match was actually a solid sprint. Still, the booking call baffles me here. A Television Championship match saw Badd and Eddy working a time limit draw, which was decent but you could tell they were padding time terribly at times. A great match hopeful

Select Match Review: Double Double (2AW)

Match from 2AW Grand Slam in 2AW Square: 1.2AW Openweight Title: Yoshida Ayato(c) vs Takizawa Taishi ****1/4 Thoughts: While putting together my watch list, I wanted to make time for something from 2AW. A reminder, but 2AW is just a rebranded K-Dojo resulting from the news that Taka was a scumbag. Ayato was picked during the rebranding phase as a key part of the future of the company and the dude really does have a lot of potential. Takizawa on the other hand has held loads of gold and is one of the best dudes in Japan that never really made it to the "bigs", for whatever reason. Regardless of rank and position in the game, these two showed true fighting spirit here as they battled for 30 minutes and kept a strong pace throughout alongside some true hard work and stiff strikes. I had decent expectations when I picked this as my taste of 2AW for now and those were blown away for sure. If you love epic puro battles and want a taste of something different, consider this one for

BJW 1st Quarter in Review

Match from New Year 01/02 1.BJW Strong Heavyweight Title: Okabayashi(c) vs Nakanoue ***1/2 Match from Death Match King Death 01/04 2.Light Tubes Alpha Death: Crazy Lovers vs Parker, Shunma ***3/4 Match from BJW 01/11 3.Irie, Okabayashi vs Nakanoue, Aoki **** Match from Ikkitousen Death Survivor Night 2 03/08 4.Light Tubes Death: Abdullah vs Violento ***3/4 Thoughts: The first three months of BJW had some decent stuff for sure. If time wasn't a thing, or if I had more of it, I'd make far more time for this promotion than I do. Alas, that's not reality so here we are. The first pull was a pretty good title defense from one of my favorite meat castles, Okabayashi. I feel like the title change is not one for the better and that Yuji is far better in that role, but many companies make changes like this at the start of the year in Japan. It is what it is. Up second, Crazy Lovers took on Parker and Shunma in a great death match that really built up nicely. It's hard to not enj


  I just felt the need to let anyone checking in here to know that the Mets just won 14-1 against Baltimore. That is all. More regular content should be up tomorrow. Have a good one.

Strain Review: Apple Mintz

Apple Mintz is a strain from the Backpack Boyz that is a fairly pretty flower with great look and a scent that truly fits the name thanks to a subtle sweetness under the mint scent. The THC count is in the upper 20's for this hybrid and works well to sooth any pain while also providing a nice spark of energy that you might need as the day closes. Your experience will vary, but I give Apple Mintz a thumbs up and recommend it to anyone of age in a legal state. Rating: ****

Dusting Off a Gem #4: Grateful Dead's Live/Dead, a Review

While I've largely kept this series to smaller releases, this time I'm going to be reviewing an album by the Grateful Dead. Note that some of these will feature non-music releases, but I'm on a roll with these right now it seems. I also would say that I had a discussion recently where someone had the nerve to call them a one hit wonder, by the way. I'm not looking to elaborate much on the absurdity of that conversation, but figured it was worth mentioning in passing. So, Live/Dead is the first official live album released from the group and is a fucking masterpiece. Their live performances often were epic in nature and dwarfed the studio releases, which were always toned down to fit different standards. A perfect example of that is on full display here, especially if you listen to this and compare it to previous releases. I'd never knock the other albums outright, but my point is more to state how huge this feels versus the small tone of some of the other releases.