2021 WWE Alternatives Weekday TV Viewers Guide

Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries, I am here to present you with what I am calling the WWE Alternatives Weekday TV Viewers Guide. If you're tired of watching Vince McMahon shove fans collectively into a universe where everything has a slight scent of horse shit, you're in the right fucking place. MONDAYS Ring of Honor airs every Monday on Fite  and is one of the most prestigious American wrestling promotions of all time. While they admittedly hit a low a while back, I personally think they've been building back nicely and are now one of the most consistently entertaining wrestling sources in the world. Their weekly show in particular, which was changed substantially last year and has evolved a bit since, is an easy recommendation. Ring of Honor Champions at Time of Post World Champion: Bandido Pure Champion: Gresham TV Champion: Dragon Lee Tag Champions: VLNCE UNLTD Six-Man Champions: Shane Taylor Promotions TUESDAYS Honestly, I have to suggest AEW Dark for this day. I kno

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