AEW Roster Breakdown

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We continue AEW Week with a look at the announced roster. Note that I won't include any names that are rumored, unannounced, etc. and will focus only on the names listed on their own site.

Here's how I predict the general layout to be.

Main Event
-Kenny Omega
-Chris Jericho
PAC is the wildcard as we don't know for sure when he'll be back nor how often. The show is largely built around the others, though. Add in the names in the midcard section below getting shots from time to time, as well as some from the tag division, like Pentagon, and you have a pretty good looking main event scene. Of course, there are a few big names that will be added here very soon, but I made it clear above that we wouldn't be focusing on that kind of thing this time around.

Women's Division
-Bea Priestley
-Brandi Rhodes
-Britt Baker
-Hikaru Shida
-Kylie Rae
-Leva Bates
-Nyla Rose
-Penelope Ford
People are sleeping on the women's division. Kenny, from what I've heard, is wanting to use joshi in a similar manner to how WCW used cruiserweights. Add in the Brandi picks, and you have a very solid lineup of talent, and arguably the best women's division in America.

-Adam Page
-Brandon Cutlero
-Darby Allin
-Jimmy Havoc
-Joey Janela
-Jungle Boy
-Peter Avalon
-Michael Nakazawa
-Kip Sabian
-Sammy Guevara
-Sonny Kiss
This is pretty fun. Now, I have no idea if they'll have an actual midcard belt, but it's a logical choice. I am prediction four belts in AEW, though this spot might actually see a partner's belt used for a while instead, like the AAA Cruiserweight or Latin America belts. What matters, though, is that a midcard roster can make or break a promotion and AEW certainly has a good one.

Tag Division
-The Young Bucks (& The ELITE)
-Gueros del Cielo
-Best Friends
-Strong Hearts
-Lucha Bros
-Private Party
AEW will have a strong focus on creating quality tag wrestling, and the teams that we have so far are great building blocks to do just that. I know of a few more set to join, but right now they already have four of the best teams in the world, and a few other very good ones to round things out. I'm very excited to see how long it takes before we get interesting team-ups and which of the above actually breaks up first.

So, that's the current, official, roster. AEW looks stacked already, and I hope all reading this are as excited about the possibilities as I am. Tomorrow, we'll dive into something a bit different as I look past Double or Nothing and predict where things might go before the TV show debuts.

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