Being the Elite #153 Thoughts

Poor Arquette, getting invited to the superkick party. Johnny being there isn't a big surprise as I expect to see a lot of Impact guys on AEW at some point.

The #BTEmailbag stuff was fun. Hearing that BTE is uncertain once AEW's tv series kicks off sucks a bit, but is understandable.

Page being "injured" is logical and explains the attack after the PAC match. I think he'll legit be off the card, just appearing in cameo roles. They'll just spread the time around the card. I mean, he had his DoN match, just sooner than the actual show.

The names they have up their sleeves will be used at later times or different spots. I expect one of them, possibly a lunatic or a former GHC Heavyweight Champ to win the battle royal now, especially with the new stip added in.

MJF being a dick, the Librarian angle continues with jabs toward WWE, and SCU teasing something with the Lucha Bros and then build to the show in general filled out the rest of the episode.

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