Looking at the 2019 Wrestle-1 Grand Prix

This year's W1 Grand Prix is on the horizon, and since I think the promotion could use a couple of extra eyes I figured I'd do something to celebrate.

Most promotions, especially Japanese ones, have their big annual tournament and this is W1's. Previous winners include Manabu(2x), Jiro, and Ashino and I have a strong feeling that we'll see Shotaro repeat this year to set up a rematch versus T-Hawk. I also predict Ashino reclaiming the championship in that match, for those keeping score.

This year's participants are as follows (from left to right using the photo above):
-Pegaso Iluminar
-Kuma Arashi
-Kono Masayuki
-Daiki Inaba
-Shotaro Ashino
-Seigo Tachibana
-Manabu Soya
-Koji Doi

The tournament starts on June 2nd this year, so make sure to follow their website for additional details and watch their weekly series for clips and keep an eye out for my recommendations to know what full matches to check out.

If you've been sleeping on Wrestle-1, maybe it's time to fix that!

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