CNL Episode 1 Review

1.CJC vs Sobre2sis ***
2.Demian Kross vs Addam Jones **1/4
3.CNL Women's Title: Alexandra(c) vs Engel ***1/4
4.CNL Tag Titles: Chilean Empire(c) vs Sinner, Shocko ***1/2

I wanted to do my part to help promote CNL's new series. Hopefully doing a review of their debut episode gets them some extra eyes. Always looking to help put a spotlight on a promotion that might slip under the radar. They launched a few years ago. They've caught my eye a couple of times but this new show ensures that I'll try to keep an eye on it more often.

Two matches just over three minutes kicked off the episode. Neither were must-see, but for the time given they were enjoyable enough. The opener was the better of the two and a fun sprint.

The women's match of the show was fairly good. I definitely want to see a rematch as well as more from the two of them in general. Giving them a bit more time for the next one should make for a great contest.

The main event was really good, though I could've done without the interference spot by the Empire's manager and iffy finish. Them retaining tells me to expect more shenanigans in future defenses which is a bit of a turn off.

For a debut episode, this was a good starting point. If you are seeking something a little different, give it a try!

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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