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Select Match Reviews: IMxPACT

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 01/28: 1.Hijo del Vikingo vs Alexader ***1/2 2.Best of 5 Series, Match One: Elgin vs Edwards ***1/2 Thoughts: Let's take a look at some recent IMPACT, shall we... They're back in Mexico, so their cards are heavy with AAA talents right now. The first pull is one such AAA showcase. Vikingo is already one of the best flyers in the world and has quickly become a guy I am always excited to see in action. Alexander got a bit of power spots in and served as a perfect base for the flyer to get innovative with. The action was very good and the outcome was better. I really want to see Vikingo hold the X-Division Championship at some point, by the way. Add another minute or so and a better finish and it could've been even better. Fast forward to the main event, which is apparently the start of an ongoing series. I love when places do this and these two started things on a high note. Not only was it pretty good, but it set a nice tone than I a


V1 makes an appearance, complete with the classic entrance theme. I admittedly loved that gimmick and we even got a few Matt Facts to go with it. Nice. Regressing further, 2Xtreme style Matt appears next after his kid tosses him into the pool. Cold Blooded doesn't last long, luckily. Fortune Matt, complete with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, is up next. This is 3 minutes of awesomeness from the true sugar daddy of professional wrestling. After we get several resurrections, we return to current Matt who is broken seemingly beyond repair. ABOMINATION is taking over. Vanguard-1 has an idea, though... I have no idea where Matt is heading next, but that's the brilliance of it all. I can only hope he's seen that WWE just isn't worth it any longer.

WRESTLE-1 TV #147 Review

Episode Card: 1.Kondo,Tonsho,Pegaso,Kai vs Kono,Alejandro,Honda,Niki ++ 2.CYRUS vs Kaz + 3.Seigo vs Seiki vs HAJIME + 4.Ganseki vs Ito + 5.Cruiser Fes Quarter Final: Kodama vs Koju ++ 6.Cruiser Fes Quarter Final: Andy Wu vs Hijo del Pantera ++ 7.Enfants Terribles(Ashino,Kuma) vs NEW ERA(Inaba,Koji) ++ Thoughts: Tour Sunrise continues as this week's episode of W1 TV looks at day three. To make things easier, by the way, here's a look at how the W1 TV + system would largely measure up to my typical *'s. +:*-**3/4 ++:***-***3/4 +++:****-***** The format of this series means that the content is clipped down to highlights, but I wanted a better tool for showcasing which clips are worth seeing as well as which you should consider watching in-full should you get that chance later. As a result of the format, though, this standard of rating is even more subjective than the stars. Anyway, CYRUS continues to rise up the ranks and continued to look better than I'

Select Match Reviews: Harmonious Festival

Match  from TJP Wonderful Harmony 01/25: 1.Osaka Sannin Matsuri Final: Cat's Pye(Yuna, Yuki, Mina) vs Special Effects Club(Shoko,Tenma,Aino) ***1/2 Thoughts: Above is the highlighted digest video from the event that this match took place. The review itself is for the main event and tournament finals which you can find by clicking the link attached above on the word, "Match". There was a high level of energy on display here and, while it wasn't the smoothest at times, this was still a very enjoyable outing from these six talents. The biggest story here, perhaps, was the aftermatch tease of adding a set of trios belts to the TJP lineup instead of having the victors go after the KO-D straps. Check this out for a nice sprint.

AEW Dynamite 01/29 Review

Matches: 1.The Young Bucks vs The Butcher & The Blade ***3/4 2.Nyla Rose vs Big Swole ** 3.Cody vs Kip Sabian *3/4 4.SCU (Sky,Kaz) vs TH2 *** 5.Inner Circle (Jericho,PnP) vs Private Party, Darby ***1/2 Thoughts: A decent segment kicked off this week's episode with Mox and Inner Circle. The first half with Mox talking was the better part because, honestly, once Jericho and crew came out it dipped a bit. The whole goons thing came off poorly, in my opinion, too. The segment showing MJF paying Bunny for her associate's services was a nice touch. Very Lucha Underground feeling vibe. So, the BBB group is like a modern APA? The opening match was a great tag team match, plain and simple. Basic but satisfying, and a nice overall sprint to start the in-ring section of the show. Omega helping with the save was okay but you gotta give credit to the sight of Page running in with a, "hold my beer" moment. I'm not sure jobbing out the heels here and then havin

Symphony of the Master (a poem)

When he closes his eyes, the beast's face appears The demonic smile and stare that leers Unsure if he should slit his wrist or his lips For tonight, regardless, it's a good night kiss Time will do no service for the wicked of heart The heroes of tales will now forever and always part For those tales of salvation are all but a dream And nothing you see is ever truly what it seems

DDT Sweet Dreams! Review

Matches: 1.DAMNATION (Paulie,Shimatani,Soma) vs Keigo, Takanashi, Watase *** 2.Hair Arrange Match: Hiroshi, MAO vs Super Sasadango Machine, Owashi **1/4 3.ALL OUT (Takeshita,Shunma,Akito) vs Eruption (Higuchi,Saki,Sakaguchi) ***1/2 4.Right to Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Time Difference Battle Royal: Daisuke, Aoki, Urano, Honda, Dino, Oishi, Endo, Naya 💩💄 5.Daisuke vs Urano NR 6.Marufuji vs Hirata 👓💃 7.KO-D Tag Titles: Nautilus(c) vs Chihiro,Ino ***1/2 8.KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA(c) vs Tanaka **** Thoughts: This one looks like a good time. So much so that I'm watching the full event. Before we get to that though, there is a bit of major news. NOAH is now owned by the same company that owns DDT. Instead of selling out to Vince's empire of bullshit, they went for broke and I respect the hell out of them for it. For more details, click here . Up first, an opener seeing DAMNATION attempting to start rolling a bit more as the year kicks into full gear. High

Fantasy Booking Chris Brookes in Japan #2: Taco Bell Presentation Best of Three Series Combo Meal

Following up on the awesomeness that was #1, which can be found here , let's book another. How has Chris not blocked me yet? So, this is a special Taco Bell sponsored concept match that would be played out over the course of a few shows. The first match in the series would see Brookes and his opponent for the series, preferably Danshoku Dino, involved in a Taco Bell eating contest. Whomever eats the most tacos in the time provided wins. Simple enough, but I'm sure there'd be a lot of sexual tensions on display in the process. Second, on a show held the following night, the two would fight a Porta Potty match. A single moveable john would be located ringside. Both would surely need to use the restroom after such a massive intake of TB the night before. Whichever worker manages to get to the bathroom first wins. Assumingly, the loser would likely leave to the back with a trail of the ole wet & brown trailing behind. To close the violent feud, the third match

AEW Rankings + Thoughts (01/29)

Time to check out this week's rankings and then I'll post my review of Dynamite. MEN'S Champion: Jericho 1.Mox 2.PAC 3.Cody 4.Omega 5.Guevara Thoughts: So, Mox is officially #1 Contender and has a date with le champion at Revolution. That should be good and he's keeping kayfabe alive and well with that glorious eye patch. PAC wants Omega, who's kind of busy teaming with Page. I'm also assuming Kenny still wants Mox and that whole thing has just been tabled for the moment. Guevara is also here... WOMEN'S Champion: Riho 1.Nyla 2.Shida 3.Stratlander 4.Baker 5.Kong Thoughts: Nyla has climbed back up. The Nightmare Collective stuff seems to have been pushed aside for now? Maybe? Baker is trying to be a heel. Are we not getting a rematch between Riho and Kris? TAG TEAM Champions: Omega, Page 1.SCU 2.PnP 3.Bucks 4.Dark Order 5.Lucha Bros Thoughts: So, the new champs were the first title change to take place in AEW but the switch large

NWA Powerrr #16 Review

Matches: 1.Guhn vs Royce ** 2.NWA TV Title: Starks(c) vs Dice *** Thoughts: Mooney's addition is fun and while Aldis' promo at the start wasn't his best work, it was still pretty dang good.  The opener was decent for what it was. Royce's frustrations nearly costing him was done better than most other cases I've seen of the trope. They showed clips of Kingston having issues with Pope. I know my memory can be a little shitty these days after that car accident I had, but I don't remember this happening at all. If this is the debut of the shift in the angle, I don't care for the way they delivered it. Thunder Rosa's interview, or more correctly, Melina's, was a largely well done segment. Rosa's eventual face turn is going to go over huge. Next up, Starks chats about being a champion, doing so while realizing his new belt doesn't sit the way he wanted leaving him awkwardly holding it still for a large portion of time.

Select Match Reviews: Lucha Titles Are Only Important When They Are Needed to Be

Match from IWRG Cinco Luchas en Jaula 01/01: 1.IWRG Mexico Title, Ladder Cage Vacancy: Toxin vs Dragon Bane vs Lunatik Extreme vs Puma de Oro vs Relampago vs Puma de Oro **1/4 Thoughts: Do I hate myself? Maybe, because watching a lucha cage match tends to equate to torture. That said, I wanted to see this one. The championship on the line here was meant to be crowned last Summer in a tournament I covered here , but an injury fucked the finals.  I've heard nothing about the championship since that day until now. Here it is again, and instead of getting the potentially great match we were promised we'd get when Metaleon healed up, we were given a cage cluster. Neither finalist is even in this match. Now, while cage matches in lucha libre tend to be questionable more often than not, even more questionable is the purpose of championships south of the border. IWRG tends to use them frequently as ways to give an eventual apuesta loser a major win before the big

Select Match Reviews: Crunch Wrap Honor

Matches from ROH Honor Reigns Supreme: 1.Flamita vs Flip Gordon ***1/2 2.La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush, Dragon Lee, King) vs Villain Enterprises (Scurll, PCO, Brody) **** Thoughts: Two pulls here from the recent, Honor Reigns Supreme show. Props to the changes I've seen from Ring of Honor so far this year. Despite the giant pile of bullshit they kept putting on display last year, they're already showing they can fix things fast when they actually want to. Hopefully the fans will come back that they pissed away, though... I mean, Impact still hasn't won back all the TNA fans they drove away. It's still early into the new era so I'm getting ahead of myself anyway but props on what I've seen so far especially since it looks like Scurll has helped restrengthen a lot of ties. Back to the pulls... Up first, Flamita and Flip worked a high octane sprint. Simple, fun stuff and a nice display from both with the right guy taking the W. Closing this one, we ha


Building off of the ongoing Nightmare Collective angle, this short video sees Brandi, as the name suggests, in a therapy session. She denies ever having had any form of brain injury, as they cut to Cody diving into her a few months back. The therapist alludes to the Nightmare Collective and the cult-like properties. She then segues into suggesting her gimmick right now is out of fear that fans won't accept her as she is. A breakthrough? Well, her therapist apparently was a sock monkey. I still think it's weird having two cult style gimmick groups running at the same time, the other obviously being Dark Order, which is having their own issues getting over, and I hate the way the Nightmare Collective stuff has progressed lately which has came off as a major step backward for the women's division that was starting to make progress. I'm intrigued by this new addition to the story, but not necessarily optimistic. We'll see where it goes from here...

Being the Elite #188 Thoughts

Quick note, but I might be a bit MIA this weekend due to a funeral in East Texas I'm attending. The Bucks tossing MJF into the pool footage is used to open this week's BTE, and the rest of the episode is mainly shots of them on the cruise. There was time for basketball, because there is ALWAYS time for basketball. Oh, and Nick likely pissed off a few bible thumpers, but it's not his fault his abilities are so peak. The only real story movement was a short horror style Dark Order spot and a rather deep Page monologue. As always, BTE is must-see for any fan of AEW or the Elite boys in general.

MLW Fusion #94 Review

Matches: 1.Injustice (Oliver,Kotto) vs Drago, Puma King vs Taurus, Low Rider ***1/2 2.Low Ki vs Hopkins **1/2 3.No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Warner vs Havoc ***3/4 Thoughts: So, tonight, I had the kids nearly to sleep and most of my to do list complete for the night when I started hearing a strange dripping sound. I turned on the lights to see water coming from the roof. That's right... The dumbass above me feel asleep with the water running. So, I had a lot of shit to do because it was so bad that it's still dripping a bit five hours later and if I hadn't noticed and had fallen asleep already, which I almost accidentally did, the whole fucking roof would have caved in on me and my kids. I had to move rooms, cutting into my wrestling time, hurting my already fucked up back, etc. But, beer helps, at least. Oh, and props to Edge for his major return. Love his work and, while I don't watch WWE anymore, I love that he got this moment, even if it's just a

NWA Hard Times Review

Matches: 1.Quarterfinal: Murdoch vs Question Mark **3/4 2.Quarterfinal: Maff vs Dice *** 3.Quarterfinal: Cross vs Starks *** 4.NWA World Tag Titles: Rock n Roll Express(c) vs Strictly Business (Wildcards) vs Storm,Drake **3/4 5.NWA Women's Title: Kay(c) vs Thunder Rosa ***1/2 6.Semifinal: Maff vs Murdoch *** 7.Semifinal: Starks vs Storm **3/4 8.NWA National Title: Stevens(c) vs Steiner *1/4 9.NWA World Title: Aldis vs Flip ***1/2 10.NWA TV Title, Tournament Finals: Starks vs Murdoch ***1/4 Thoughts: The first season of NWA Powerrr failed to truly hook me and I had a few issues that held me off from really watching more than the bare minimum. That changed recently, with the second season, which won me over with largely due to the heart shown from the show. I saw someone compare it to main roster WWE today, as in good presentation but average in-ring content but there is more passion on display in NWA than I've seen from Raw or Smackdown in years. Yea, I still hat