WRESTLE-1 TV #147 Review

Episode Card:
1.Kondo,Tonsho,Pegaso,Kai vs Kono,Alejandro,Honda,Niki ++
2.CYRUS vs Kaz +
3.Seigo vs Seiki vs HAJIME +
4.Ganseki vs Ito +
5.Cruiser Fes Quarter Final: Kodama vs Koju ++
6.Cruiser Fes Quarter Final: Andy Wu vs Hijo del Pantera ++
7.Enfants Terribles(Ashino,Kuma) vs NEW ERA(Inaba,Koji) ++

Tour Sunrise continues as this week's episode of W1 TV looks at day three. To make things easier, by the way, here's a look at how the W1 TV + system would largely measure up to my typical *'s.


The format of this series means that the content is clipped down to highlights, but I wanted a better tool for showcasing which clips are worth seeing as well as which you should consider watching in-full should you get that chance later. As a result of the format, though, this standard of rating is even more subjective than the stars.

Anyway, CYRUS continues to rise up the ranks and continued to look better than I've seen from him prior. Note that I'm pretty sure Kaz being on the opposite side had a large play in that.

The three-way looked decent. We got a nice shot of shoe on the finish.

Ito continues to be a dick.

The two Cruiser Fes matches came off well enough. Koju got slapped on the ass by Ashino after his defeat. Andy Wu picked up a crafty W against Pantera.

Kuma/Inaba were the focus of the main event, with the big loveable Enfant overpowering the former champ to take home victory for his unit.

We get a shot of the Cruiser Fes bracket at the end of the episode.

The semi's will see Alejandro and Andy Wu on one side and HEAT taking on Kodama on the other. I'm excited.

Everything looked solid this week though not enough to warrant digging up the full match later. Still, give this episode a watch if you have 20 minutes to kill. W1 is certainly worth it.

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