NWA Powerrr #16 Review

1.Guhn vs Royce **
2.NWA TV Title: Starks(c) vs Dice ***

Mooney's addition is fun and while Aldis' promo at the start wasn't his best work, it was still pretty dang good. 

The opener was decent for what it was. Royce's frustrations nearly costing him was done better than most other cases I've seen of the trope.

They showed clips of Kingston having issues with Pope. I know my memory can be a little shitty these days after that car accident I had, but I don't remember this happening at all. If this is the debut of the shift in the angle, I don't care for the way they delivered it.

Thunder Rosa's interview, or more correctly, Melina's, was a largely well done segment. Rosa's eventual face turn is going to go over huge.

Next up, Starks chats about being a champion, doing so while realizing his new belt doesn't sit the way he wanted leaving him awkwardly holding it still for a large portion of time. Just a funny little thing. Good promo, leading to Dice walking out.

I still don't care much for Dice, but Starks did well in general here and I can get behind him holding the belt for a while especially at this rate. 

They dropped on commentary a reminder of the Lucky 7 rule, which is a nice bonus and I wouldn't mind seeing Starks get another shot against Aldis prior to the Scurll match. It'd be a smart move and a good way to sell an episode of Powerrr like the recent Morton defense.

The new NWA Tag Champs got some studio time. They're fucking over. While it wasn't their best mic work, mainly in regards to Storm, it was fun enough. Actually, Drake was pretty damn good here. I still don't care about Stevens. Question Mark was...okay. The Murdoch thing was a bit too predictable but I'd actually love him as champ so it's cool. A lot going on here; mostly entertaining.

Closing the episode, Aldis and Scurll had a great sit down interview that set up the future of the angle nicely. The champ was top shelf here and I loved Marty selling the stipulation reveal. 

Season three is off to a nice start already. This was arguably one of the weakest episodes of Powerrr I've seen but had enough development, entertaining mic work, and a good title defense to still make me happy. The show is simple stuff done right and I'm excited to see what's next as we head toward the next ppv.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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