Select Match Reviews: Crunch Wrap Honor

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Matches from ROH Honor Reigns Supreme:
1.Flamita vs Flip Gordon ***1/2
2.La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush, Dragon Lee, King) vs Villain Enterprises (Scurll, PCO, Brody) ****

Two pulls here from the recent, Honor Reigns Supreme show. Props to the changes I've seen from Ring of Honor so far this year. Despite the giant pile of bullshit they kept putting on display last year, they're already showing they can fix things fast when they actually want to. Hopefully the fans will come back that they pissed away, though...

I mean, Impact still hasn't won back all the TNA fans they drove away. It's still early into the new era so I'm getting ahead of myself anyway but props on what I've seen so far especially since it looks like Scurll has helped restrengthen a lot of ties.

Back to the pulls...

Up first, Flamita and Flip worked a high octane sprint. Simple, fun stuff and a nice display from both with the right guy taking the W.

Closing this one, we have the main event. I am still not huge on Kenny King being in the ROH version of this group, but it is what it is. A great forth member could make it better. Please, not Pierroth. I'm also still not huge on taking the title off of Rush in favor of PCO last year, for the record. The tensions between the current and former ROH World Champ were a major driving force here, with VE and LFI serving to push action forward and the entire thing actually worked out very well. Hell, Kenny looked more motivated than I've seen him in what feels like forever, even. In all, this was a fantastic six-man with a badass finish.

Check both of these out and let your optimism rise a bit in regards to ROH.

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