Select Match Reviews: Harmonious Festival

Match from TJP Wonderful Harmony 01/25:
1.Osaka Sannin Matsuri Final: Cat's Pye(Yuna, Yuki, Mina) vs Special Effects Club(Shoko,Tenma,Aino) ***1/2

Above is the highlighted digest video from the event that this match took place. The review itself is for the main event and tournament finals which you can find by clicking the link attached above on the word, "Match".

There was a high level of energy on display here and, while it wasn't the smoothest at times, this was still a very enjoyable outing from these six talents. The biggest story here, perhaps, was the aftermatch tease of adding a set of trios belts to the TJP lineup instead of having the victors go after the KO-D straps.

Check this out for a nice sprint.

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