Fantasy Booking Chris Brookes in Japan #2: Taco Bell Presentation Best of Three Series Combo Meal

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Following up on the awesomeness that was #1, which can be found here, let's book another.

How has Chris not blocked me yet?

So, this is a special Taco Bell sponsored concept match that would be played out over the course of a few shows.

The first match in the series would see Brookes and his opponent for the series, preferably Danshoku Dino, involved in a Taco Bell eating contest. Whomever eats the most tacos in the time provided wins.

Simple enough, but I'm sure there'd be a lot of sexual tensions on display in the process.

Second, on a show held the following night, the two would fight a Porta Potty match. A single moveable john would be located ringside. Both would surely need to use the restroom after such a massive intake of TB the night before. Whichever worker manages to get to the bathroom first wins. Assumingly, the loser would likely leave to the back with a trail of the ole wet & brown trailing behind.

To close the violent feud, the third match in the series, should it be needed, would see both Dino and Brookes fight INSIDE of a Taco Bell, street match style.

You're welcome!

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