Building off of the ongoing Nightmare Collective angle, this short video sees Brandi, as the name suggests, in a therapy session.

She denies ever having had any form of brain injury, as they cut to Cody diving into her a few months back.

The therapist alludes to the Nightmare Collective and the cult-like properties. She then segues into suggesting her gimmick right now is out of fear that fans won't accept her as she is.

A breakthrough?

Well, her therapist apparently was a sock monkey.

I still think it's weird having two cult style gimmick groups running at the same time, the other obviously being Dark Order, which is having their own issues getting over, and I hate the way the Nightmare Collective stuff has progressed lately which has came off as a major step backward for the women's division that was starting to make progress.

I'm intrigued by this new addition to the story, but not necessarily optimistic.

We'll see where it goes from here...