MLW Fusion #94 Review

1.Injustice (Oliver,Kotto) vs Drago, Puma King vs Taurus, Low Rider ***1/2
2.Low Ki vs Hopkins **1/2
3.No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Warner vs Havoc ***3/4

So, tonight, I had the kids nearly to sleep and most of my to do list complete for the night when I started hearing a strange dripping sound. I turned on the lights to see water coming from the roof.

That's right...

The dumbass above me feel asleep with the water running.

So, I had a lot of shit to do because it was so bad that it's still dripping a bit five hours later and if I hadn't noticed and had fallen asleep already, which I almost accidentally did, the whole fucking roof would have caved in on me and my kids. I had to move rooms, cutting into my wrestling time, hurting my already fucked up back, etc.

But, beer helps, at least.

Oh, and props to Edge for his major return. Love his work and, while I don't watch WWE anymore, I love that he got this moment, even if it's just a one-off. Oh, and to MVP who deserves some acknowledgment, too.

Anyway, I'm about to crash for the night but wanted to see the latest MLW Fusion episode, which also features the first episode they've ran this year with matches that were recorded this year.

So, let's dig in!

CONTRA started off the episode. Josef with a decent promo. I haven't seen MLW for a while, so I'm jumping into the fire head first here. It looks like Smith and Pillman, aka what's left of Hart Foundation 2.0, are in a feud with the unit. Interesting, as I was curious what they were planning for them after Teddy's departure.

The intro video reminded me how high the turnover rate is for MLW as they tend to drop names frequently. Maybe that's unfair? I just know it seems their main attractions are a lot different than a year ago.

Nice seeing Konnan and AAA are still partners with MLW. Injustice tried to step to him, but got sent out packing. This led to the opening match of the night, which was a three-way tag. We also hear that next week Drago gets a title shot for the Middleweight belt against Reed. Nice. The contest here was a very fun sprint, kicking off the show on a high note.

Make sure you don't sleep on AAA if you have been, by the way. It's been nearly two years since they stepped back up into awesomeness and they deserve your attention.

It looks like the Warner/Havoc feud is still going. Do they just not have any other hardcore dudes they're willing to book in these gimmick matches or am I missing something? Should still be fun. Somethings change, others stay the same...

They showed a clip of Smith beating Pillman to win the Opera Cup. Interesting. I'm curious to see what they do with Davey.

The Josef promo package was pretty awesome.

Sadly, at this point my back pain and exhaustion got the best of me making me pause and wait until the next day to continue....

Our second match of the night saw Chandler look decent in the short bout and Low Ki look good, as usual, too. Not much else to say, but solid enough stuff.

A few promo segments...

Davey's promo and the match it set up is decent. Team Filthy is apparently here for checks and limbs while announcing their new sponsor...Condom Depot...MJF with a decent cut, though I feel he has more fire in AEW. The Von Erichs crush some oranges like two dorks.

The announcements for Fightland matches were all pretty exciting.

Main event time. They gave a clip of Funk and Corino in 2003, which was apparently the last time they held a no ropes barbed wire match. I'm not sure I knew Priscilla was hanging around Havoc, but that's a cool fit. As far as extreme brawls go, this was great with the right amount of shock and awe moments and general violence. One of the better death matches that we've seen stateside in a while and I love that MLW airs them on television.

The promos weren't all hits here, but the matches more than made up for any misses. MLW lost my attention toward the end of 2019, but this was a really nice episode that helped entertain me when I needed it and I will try to check out more soon.
If nothing else, this episode gets a thumbs up.

Thanks, MLW.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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