AEW Dynamite 01/29 Review

1.The Young Bucks vs The Butcher & The Blade ***3/4
2.Nyla Rose vs Big Swole **
3.Cody vs Kip Sabian *3/4
4.SCU (Sky,Kaz) vs TH2 ***
5.Inner Circle (Jericho,PnP) vs Private Party, Darby ***1/2

A decent segment kicked off this week's episode with Mox and Inner Circle. The first half with Mox talking was the better part because, honestly, once Jericho and crew came out it dipped a bit. The whole goons thing came off poorly, in my opinion, too.

The segment showing MJF paying Bunny for her associate's services was a nice touch. Very Lucha Underground feeling vibe. So, the BBB group is like a modern APA?

The opening match was a great tag team match, plain and simple. Basic but satisfying, and a nice overall sprint to start the in-ring section of the show. Omega helping with the save was okay but you gotta give credit to the sight of Page running in with a, "hold my beer" moment. I'm not sure jobbing out the heels here and then having them ran off with a save was the perfect call, but it is what it is and any complaints in regards to this ten minute span would be splitting hairs.

Nyla continued to rise back up the rankings in the next one, though Swole looked like the better half of the match. The whole thing was okay but nothing special. I would like to note that I heard there were some transphobic "fans" in attendance that decided to act up. If any of you are reading this, from the bottom of my heart just know that you can go fuck yourselves.

This week's Cody match was disjointed and overbooked to hell. I distaste what they've done with Kip and Ford matches since they've paired them up in AEW and this continues to be an issue for me. I might just start skipping matches with them involved moving forward at this rate.

Baker got another shot to cut a heel promo. It still isn't coming off very strongly. Cheap heat at best. It is what it is.

Our semi saw SCU rebound, TH2 fail again, and the whole thing was good in general. Their La Parka gear was a nice sight. The endstretch was the best part though as the first half wasn't all there for me. The Dark Order called out CD and SCU in general after. The Kobe shoutouts on the episode were nice touches, by the way.

Up next, another great PAC package. These shots with him have been great lately.

Tonight's main event saw the Inner Circle pick up another important victory and Darby look like AEW's Jeff Hardy once again in the process. Private Party looked good, too. Really, it was just a very fun match and a nice way to close the night's wrestling section of the show. The Judas Effect has officially won me over, too.

Mox's save was a nice cap.

While this week's episode was a bit inconsistent, it was also an easy watch as always with more pros than cons. If you're short for time, watch the opener and main event and just clips on YouTube of anything else that sounds interesting to you.

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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