Select Match Reviews: IMxPACT

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 01/28:
1.Hijo del Vikingo vs Alexader ***1/2
2.Best of 5 Series, Match One: Elgin vs Edwards ***1/2

Let's take a look at some recent IMPACT, shall we...

They're back in Mexico, so their cards are heavy with AAA talents right now.

The first pull is one such AAA showcase. Vikingo is already one of the best flyers in the world and has quickly become a guy I am always excited to see in action. Alexander got a bit of power spots in and served as a perfect base for the flyer to get innovative with. The action was very good and the outcome was better. I really want to see Vikingo hold the X-Division Championship at some point, by the way. Add another minute or so and a better finish and it could've been even better.

Fast forward to the main event, which is apparently the start of an ongoing series. I love when places do this and these two started things on a high note. Not only was it pretty good, but it set a nice tone than I am hoping is elevated as they move forward.

IMPACT has a good tendency at putting out some enjoyable, worthwhile content especially since rebranding a while back. This is two examples. Check them out when you get the chance.

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