Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #18


  1. ICExINFINITY Title: Haruka(c) vs Ozaki ***1/2
  2. KO-D Tag Titles, Ultimate Tag League Finals: DISASTER BOX vs 37KAMIINA ****
  4. Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Abdullah ***1/2
  5. NEXTREAM vs Twin Towers NR
  6. Magical Sugar Rabbits, 121000000, Suzume vs Hakuchumu, Moka, Shoko, Arai ***1/2
  7. Morgan, Rhea vs Banks, Naomi **3/4
  8. Styles vs Rollins ***1/2
  9. Roode vs Breakker **3/4
  10. Dusty Classic Finals: KLR, Io vs Kai, Choo ***
  11. Giulia vs Mayu ****
  12. FTW Title: Starks(c) vs SW3RVE ***1/4


Before we start, here are a few full episodes I reviewed during the week:

This is the last edition of Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest before a vacation. After, I will be moving to a new format. Lets dig in.

1. One last step in Ice Ribbon before my vacation. This one saw Haruka increasingly seeming desperate to put the challenger away, using her quickness advantage to eventually do so. Very good stuff. A reminder, but I am hearing something big is on the way for the company. They have a fun roster, decent content, and even a new English digest on their YT channel now. Give them a look. 

2. This one was a fantastic tag team contest. Props to Naomi and Ueno for their rod roles here, with the amazing Takeshita and HARASHIMA adding in nice touches throughout as well. The way in which the DDT roster delivers hits so carelessly is always a sight. I'll be watching Judgement asap.

3. The next one is from AJPW's 2.6 event and saw Yuma and Kodama caring a lot of it. For a throwaway six-man, it was fun but nothing too special or anything.

4. This defense of the almighty Triple Crown Championship saw All Japan ace Kento Miyahara against the death match icon, Abdullah Kobayashi. Was the big man ever going to win? Nah, no way at all AJPW was going to strap him up. Still, this a very fun match with a nice dynamic. All hail Miyahara!

5. I watched this one via the clipped down YT upload that I embedded above. Too short to rate based off of what was seen, but it still served the intended purpose of building up Kento's next defense against Shuji. I'll watch that one asap for the record.

Hey, check out THIS and THIS. It's compilations of Endo and Takeshita KO-D Openweight defenses, in that order.

Oh, and look at this!

what a fucking card!

6. If you're an AEW fan that is intrigued by the news that TJPW will be getting even more love in AEW soon, this match is for you. The endstretch could have been a bit better, but it was still full of fun spotlights, had a nice pace, and was ultimately a tight 10-women clusterfuck. 

7. Up until the no finish, this was actually building up nicely into something. Alas, it's WWE television so shit happens. Maybe we can get a clean finish version of this one day soon.

8. So, I really enjoyed Styles versus Seth. Good pace, good action. The finish was even fine for the circumstance. Very entertaining content and the WWE TV style done right. Rollins breaking the barricade so easily after was a bit funny.

I see WWE already killed all of A-Kid's momentum. I give it two months, and that's being generous, before Cody is just another name on the Raw roster.

9. Bron is still super green, but the dude is fun and has a lot of potential. I am hopeful he can become half of the worker his dad was when he was younger. This was a bit overbooked and had some smoke and mirrors, but was largely solid. The angle continues.

10. It was too short to be must-see and finished while there was still steam building. Good match, regardless, with the right winners. Some drama followed.

Episode 113 of We are STARDOM!! featured a segment with Prominence, a unit made up of former Ice Ribbon workers, coming down to confront another former Ice Ribbon talent, Giulia. A huge brawl broke out. While a huge blow for Ice Ribbon, this move is even bigger for STARDOM.

11. The winner was to get a shot at the World strap in this one. It ended in a time limit draw. Fantastic content, with two of the best not just in joshi, but in wrestling in general, going to work. Giulia got gashed a bit in the endstretch. Well worth checking out.

12. Last up, for now, the FTW match from Rampage. Shouldn't all FTW defenses be lights out? Anyway, this built up nicely. Give them a rematch with more time and a clean finish and you're looking a 4 stars, easy. I'm glad Strickland is getting TV time. Hobbs and Starks brawled with Strickland and make-the-save Keith Lee to end the episode.

I also watched a few other things from this installment via the AEW YouTube channel.

HERE is a segment with Hook. QT gave him a certificate and there was confetti. I actually really liked this for some stupid reason. Give it a click, I'd rather not ruin anything.

Fuego del Sol got some mic time, too. He thanks fans for believing in him and then called out House of Black. He was then murdered. Dark Order came out to confront House of Black to end this. Good shit. HERE it is if you're interested.

That's it from me for now. Expect posts to be a bit sporadic now as I go on vacation. Thanks, as always, for reading.

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