1.Kota Minoura vs Shun Skywalker NR

2.Open the Twin Gate Titles: Doi, Yoshida(c) vs R.E.D. NR

3.Open the Dream Gate Title: YAMATO(c) vs KAI ***1/2


This installment started with a short look at the finish of Skywalker versus Minoura, which built off of the apuesta match that saw the former Dream Gate Champion stabbing a back into one of his unit-mate's back. Here we had a ref bump and then a shit finish with Skywalker pretending Kota unmasked him.


Next, another too short to rate, with the Twin Gate straps on the line. BxB pulled the ref out and we then got a clunky finish that saw friendly fire and a roll up for new champs.


The main event saw YAMATO defending the Dream Gate belt against KAI. That match starts HERE. Early into the stream there was a very rough avalanche spot but it was pretty good after that spot, including some very enjoyable finishing stretch drama.

I've admittedly never seen KAI as a main event dude, especially one worthy of a top level prize. He's good for a throwaway defense occasionally and all, but that's it. I've not changed my mind on that, to be honest.

The next episode, whenever that airs, will finally get us the 2022 content. I'll keep an eye out for it for sure because we should be getting to see the January Twin Gate match rather shortly.

This episode had the first half filled with WWE style content that was too short to even rate. The second half was pretty good after the rough spot, at least, even if I'm a bit turned off on the title change. I can't find a reason to recommend it ultimately, but I will say it is under 30-minutes and there are far worse things to do with that time.

It's up to you. I say pass, though.

Overall Rating: 55/100%