IMPACT! Wrestling #920 Review


1.Laredo Kid vs Mack vs Bailey ***1/2

2.Maclin vs Heath **1/2

3.IMPACT World Tag Titles, Lumberjack: VBD(c) vs Good Brothers **1/4

4.Edwards vs Romero ***1/4

5.IMPACT Knockouts Title, Street Fight: Steelz(c) vs James ***1/4


This week's edition started with Alexander walking out with a purpose, pissed off thanks to Moose's actions at the end of last week's episode. The segment ended with Josh nearly throwing Moose down 20 feet or so. It was exactly the right move to follow up on the angle and I really dug it.

The three-way match was very good X-Division style content. A Razor's Edge from Mack felt like a nice tribute that was tacked on. I've always said that a strong X-Division is important for a strong IMPACT! and they have exactly that right now.

Jay used the word "know" a thousand times in his backstage promo.

Gujjar/Raj/Shera drama is highlighted.

The next match was okay. If it means Maclin gets a partner, I'm not sure about this current bit. There was a Guerrero style ref bit to eject Rhino and then a shit finish.

Kaleb had drama with Dashwood and crew backstage.

JONAH's promo was pretty well done, promoting a battle against Ishii.

Next, we had a lumberjack match. I don't think I've ever seen one of these that I've loved before. That didn't change here. It was fine. Honor No More caused Bullet Club to fall.

Edwards and Romero was fairly good stuff. Eddie won via a shit finish roll up, attacked after. They have better matches in them, but it was enjoyable enough. Gresham with the save. 

Swinger is training Dice. It's something that's happening.

The main event was a good one, though of course the heel manager stuff hit the quality a bit but was also tacked on for logical reasons. I enjoyed it while knowing it wasn't must-see and that it also could've been better, basically.

The stuff with Green and Cardona was a fine addition to move angles forward. A mixed tag is clearly on the way.

This week's episode started very hot. The heat of the fire did reduce some after, never again to rise fully back up, but I still thought they did enough to make me feel like I didn't waste my time. Honestly, I had a good time. Maybe you will too.

Consider checking out the episode or select content if you get a chance.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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