We are STARDOM!! #116 Review

  1. SWA Undisputed Women's Title: Thekla(c) vs Kashima ***
  2. DdM vs Prominence ***1/4
  3. Artist of STARDOM Titles: DdM(c) vs Oedo Tai ***1/4


This week's episode opened with a title match that took place in my favorite arena in Japan. Thekla retained and both looked decent. A good match and a decent start to the evening.

Next, the Ice Ribbon deflectors took on Ice Ribbon deflectors. A double dose of Thekla for fans, with the Donna del Mondo side featuring her and Syuri against Risa and Akane. They went with a time limit draw here. The new unit used some heel tactics. I honestly think Prominence should have just been given the nod here. Still, it was good stuff even if I think they didn't break fully into must-see territory.

The Syuri/Risa section was a highlight for sure.

The units brawled after.

Kairi Hojo's return announcement was shown next, which saw DdM attack her. She hasn't worked for nearly two years. I'm excited.

We closed with Donna del Mondo's Natsupoi, Maika, and Himeka successfully defending the brand's trios straps against Oedo Tai's SLK, Rina, and Ruaka. Like the rest of this episode's content, I thought it was a good match but they didn't hit that next level that I was hoping for.

The units brawled after until KAIRI made the save and talked to the crowd.

In all, this week's installment featured three good contests but nothing must-see, presuming you have already witnessed the recorded feature that saw KAIRI return. If you enjoy STARDOM a lot and have been watching the company through this series, it's a fun enough episode, but I can't recommend it to newcomers or casuals.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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