NWA Powerrr #59 Review


1.Team Cyon vs Idolmania Sports Management **3/4

2.I Quit: Aldis vs Latimer ***1/2

3. NWA World Heavyweight Title: Murdoch(c) vs Cardona ***1/2


I mean, yeah NWA really did well with this three Powerrr Trip episode stretch.

This one's opener was short but decent and a good spark to it.

The midcard match was a very good I Quit battle between Latimer and Aldis with a finish that wasn't terrible and kept the door open for more.

Cardona winning the strap to close the installment out was not just the result of a pretty good match, but also felt like a big deal and the next chapter for the company.

His post-match promo and moment with Aldis was rather decent, too.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun with this hour of pro-wrestling television and think that they nailed it with this one and the last two as well.

I'll try to make time for Crockett Cup content soon, but sincerely consider watching these if you get the chance.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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