Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle! #133 Review


1.Open the Triangle Gate Titles: MASQUERADE(c) vs R.E.D. ***

2.Open the Brave Gate Title: SB KENTo(c) vs Dragon Dia NR


Let me be clear in advance that this episode is all about story, with the action side of things taking the backup role. If you don't care much about DG or their stories, this one is not for you.

I personally loved this, though.

The opening match built off of the drama that had been brewing between Skywalker and MASQUERADE, with the Kota and Lee refusing to cooperate. Eventually, R.E.D. capitalized enough to push past the dysfunctional unit and win the brand's trios straps.

What aired was short, was more story than anything else, but was also good overall.

After, Skywalker demanded an apology from Minoura but was rejected. 

H.Y.O. celebrated the drama and R.E.D.'s victory but Eita and Kaito had different feelings on the matter. The latter wanted to attack Skywalker, but the rest of R.E.D. decided on a different plan, attacking Eita and Kaito instead. Shun Skywalker joined in on the beatdown.

To recap, we have new champs, Skywalker officially left MASQUERADE, joined R.E.D., and he, H.Y.O., SB, and Hip Hop changed the game by tossing Eita and Kaito Ishida out of the group.

Skywalker's performance sold this perfectly. I watch DG these days through this program so I am not sure what they'll do now with the Triangle straps. Another dysfunctional match or, more likely, a vacancy is what I am guessing without spoiling it for myself.

The heels stood tall together to end the show, but Ryo Saito flexed his GM role to give us an extra treat.

He noticed SB KENTo hadn't had a match, so he was to face the returning, now unmasked, Dragon Dia (complete with bowl cut and skateboard).

He did not give us a kickflip.

The Brave Gate strap was on the line.

What followed was 90-seconds of chaos. R.E.D. tried to cheat, Dia Inferno (masked for the first half of the spot) came to seemingly help the heels and instead powdered H.Y.O. setting up a finish that saw a new champ crowned.

Like I said, nothing on this episode from a match quality standpoint was must-see. Instead, we had thirty-minutes of off the rails insanity. I think it landed super well and had a lot of fun with the episode. You might to, but mileage will certainly vary.

Dia and Yoshioka shared a moment to end the episode.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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