NWA Powerrr #58 Review


  1. OGK vs Fixers ***
  2. Knox vs Pope ***
  3. NWA National Title: Adonis(c) vs Mayweather ***


After watching the first episode of the Powerrr Trip tapings, I walked away thinking perhaps NWA had found a spark again. I was hopeful that the energy on display had transferred across the three episodes which meant it was time to check out part two.

We started with the Fixers cutting a promo before leading into the opening match, featuring that team against OGK. Maria was MIA. Corgan walked out and announced that he was starting the Crockett Cup right there because he was pumped up. It was originally a no dq match but the tournament setting changed things up, resulting in the Fixers giving up a crap load of weapons. Good shit. After that, we got the bell and a contest that turned out better than expected with a surprising outcome. While there was some sloppiness that kept the rating from going higher, it was still a competent and largely good contest overall.

Next, we had a returning Pope versus Knox. The outcome here was surprising as well. I'd also add that they ran it a bit past where they should have. They also worked hard to try to make the runtime worthwhile though and this one was also good as a result. Trim some fat and you'll have something rated a tad higher.

We closed with Crimson winning the NWA National Heavyweight strap with decent crowd support behind him. Admittedly, I was expecting very little but they made this work well enough.

To be clear, nothing on this episode was must-see. Everything DID overdeliver on what I expected, though. It was a no-filler, all action installment that felt like watching a decent indie event. I personally think there were tweaks that could, and should, have been made. This episode also was below the range of quality that the previous installment was. 

I still recommend it to a degree.

If you like watching full episodes of professional wrestling, enjoy going to fun local events, and want a solid hour of inoffensive television, than this quant episode will likely hit the spot.

It's not must-see, but I bet you might have a decent time.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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