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Select Match Reviews: The Only Way to Enjoy ROH These Days

Matches from Ring of Honor Final Battle: 1.Cobb vs Maff ***1/2 2.MexaBlood vs Villain Enterprises ***3/4 3.ROH TV Title: Taylor(c) vs Dragon Lee ***1/2 4.ROH Tag Titles: Briscoes(c) vs Gresham, Lethal ***1/2 Thoughts: Looking at the various reviews and general results, I once again feel validated in the way that I have chosen to enjoy professional wrestling in 2019. ROH has fucked up a lot this year yet I've seen very little of it outside of clips for the sake of gross curiosity. For example, Bully getting over ten minutes and PCO beating Rush? No thanks. Talk about bad moves...especially if it means they somehow lost Rush to free-agency... So, let's take a look at what I pulled in my see no evil style review of Final Battle... The first match was a pretty good, agility infused hoss battle. Maff being added to the roster recently was a nice move that I think has some good potential for payoffs. This was one of them. Cobb winning comes off like he might be sticking


The Reservoir of Resurrection has bringeth back the master of Deletion. To test his abilities, he calls his scribe to take note of his first challenge which comes in the form of a friend turned into a demonic form. Ladies and gentlemen, the days of DELETION are at hand once again. Now, let us pray to the gods of darkness that Matt is able to break free from the chains that are Titan Towers and release his full form back where they will be truly appreciated.

WRESTLE-1 TV #140 Thoughts

Another, between-tour episode. We get some fun highlights from past shows heavy on Jiro and...KFC. Again, like last week, this is an easy one to skip if we're being blunt as it's not just a filler episode, but a filler filler episode.

AEW Rankings + Thoughts (Dec Week 2)

I got my tickets to the upcoming Austin show today. Pretty excited about that. Anyway, here's this week's rankings and my ramblings on them... MEN'S Champion: Jericho 1.Moxley 2.Omega 3.PAC 4.Cody 5.MJF Thoughts: No changes this week. Mox is still set on the rails for his title challenge, though Jericho did offer him a spot in Inner Circle. Kenny is still working toward payback. PAC comes and goes. Cody is in the middle of some shit with Butcher & Blade as well as still dealing with MJF. MJF is still a dick in general. WOMEN'S Champion: Riho 1.Baker 2.Stratlander 3.Shida 4.Rose 5.Emi Thoughts: So, I love parity but the frequency of seeing people with bad records on the top five is a bit alarming. Baker is back in the title picture, Kris has made a bit impact already, Shida is sadly down a bit, Rose is still climbing back, and Emi is just kind of there. TAG TEAM'S Champions: SCU 1.Young Bucks 2.Proud N' Powerful 3.Best Friends 4.Lu

Select Match Reviews: Broken Starr

Match from wXw Broken Rules XIX 11/09 1.Ilja vs Starr **** Thoughts: This is following up on the grudge match from the last review and stepping up the quality, too. When it comes to big matches and getting crowd reactions, Starr and Ilja are both pretty damn good and they used that to their advantage once more. Mix that with solid story work and fantastic wrestling in general and you have another noteworthy match. Check it out!

Select Match Reviews: On the Westside

Matches from wXw World Tag Festival Night Three 10/06: 1.wXw Unified World Title: Thatcher(c) vs Gresham ***1/2 2.Ilja vs Starr ***1/2 Thoughts: So, Thatcher won the title in a great match then had an knockout or submission only battle against Oney the next day. And THEN, he had a title defense versus Gresham the same fucking day as the Ambition match? I mean, no one ever said the guy wasn't a badass, right? The octopus was never going to win the belt here, but my expectations remained very high since I love both of these dudes and their styles are so close. Luckily, my hopes paid off because this was a borderline great title shot for ROH's resident mollusc. While a touch below what I was thinking it'd be, it still hit recommendation levels and it's hard to fault Thatcher for not giving three sincerely great matches in two days. I'm sure I might even be a bit low on this one, and I still liked it enough to suggest checking it out. The other pull of the nig

SelMatch Reviews: Wildcard Ambitions

Matches from wXw Ambition: Wildcard Edition 10/06 1.A-Kid vs Davis ***1/2 2.Superfight: Oney vs Thatcher ***3/4 3.Ambition Wildcard Finals: A-Kid vs Makabe ***1/4 Thoughts: I love the pure technical style these special shows showcase, and the general raw tone they provide as a result. To keep this one short, if you like the Bloodsport shows, you'll like these with Oney/Thatcher in particular being an especially special treat.

Select Match Reviews: Thatcher's Big Day

Match from wXw World Tag Festival Night Two 10/05 1.wXw Unified World Title: Gunns(c) vs Thatcher **** Thoughts: Admittedly, Gunns' reign didn't attract me much but the idea of Thatcher as champ is very promising. Bobby's a good worker, just not really world champ level for me. Thatcher, on the other hand, makes for a fun top dog and hasn't really had the chance to be that since a few years ago in EVOLVE. There was a brilliant form of brutal technicality on display here, which tends to come from most big Thatcher matches, mixed with the cocky nature of Gunns for an added bit of entertainment. Add in a touch of color and some solid drama and you have yourself a pretty damn good title match with a big moment to close things.

Select Match Reviews: Red Star

Match from STARDOM 5 Star Grand Prix 09/07: 1.Momo vs AZM ***1/2 Thoughts: As the year is coming to a close, I'm trying to catch up as fast as possible on stuff I missed so that when 2020 starts I can cap out 2019 quickly. In this one, AZM came off like a true threat against Momo and they both threw sprint style fire. Check out the clipped off version above.

RWB Module #1: Dungeon of a Mad Sorcerer Part One: Lost Memories

Welcome to the first ever RWB Module. This is a touched up version of an intro adventure I did a few years ago, and I have left out specific stats so that you can fit it into any system you'd like. Remember, when running this make sure that everyone is having a good time. That's more important than anything else when playing an rpg. This works best with 4-6 players of the first level and will be the first part of a much larger story. ROOM ONE The party awakens from their slumber, each full of questions that begin to rapidly enter their minds. Where am I? Who am I? Who are these strangers? All of these would be good questions as the players have very limited memory at all, due to a dark spell. The masonry style stonework walls are illuminated by four ever-burning torches. They are all unarmed yet wearing decent armor. There appears to be no clear exit from the room. A careful search of the room reveals a secret path to ROOM NINE. Note that some of the

Select Match Reviews: Sparkly

Match  from SEAdLINNNG SPARKLING-d! 1.SEAdLINNNG Beyond the Sea Title: Arisa(c) vs Ayame ***3/4 Thoughts: Another pull thanks to joshi city, and I'm apparently really into joshi in general today. Usually my time to watch wrestling is at night when I can't sleep, but today is a bit different. This battle was a thrill ride of hard hits and near falls and I'm fairly certain the champ tried to kill someone here. Jokes aside, Arisa rocked here and the challenger looked decent, too. Great defense!

Select Match Reviews: Before Royalty

Match from Sendai 11/09: 1.Hiroyo vs Yuu ***1/2 Thoughts: This one came to my attention after I watched the tag tournament finals, so let's rewind time a tad and see the build up match. For a sub-eight-minute battle, this was pretty fun and a nice spot match for the two beasts as well as a nice tease for the tournament match. Watch this one first and then the finals contest.

Select Match Reviews: Sendai Royalty

Match from Sendai Girls Royal Tag Tournament 1.Finals: Reiwa Ultima Powers vs Chihiro, Yuu ***1/2 Thoughts: This was a big, one night tournament, with both teams working two matches before this one. DASH and Hiroyo are an awesome duo, by the way, and seeing them win anything is pretty fun for me, seeing as I am huge fans of both. This was a smart tag match, with the muscle machines playing their roles up and the Powers as the resilient underdogs. In all, I'd say it was very good joshi action and I hope to see more of Reiwa Ultima Powers as a team in the near future.

Select Match Reviews: Girlz

Match from Actwres girl'Z Beginning Pro 08/14: 1.AgZ Title: Saori(c) vs Reika **** Thoughts: Thanks to Joshi City for this recommendation. Check them out. There's a link on the right. Anyway, I'm a big fan of Reika and I still am hopeful her W1 career has a true vision instead of this random stuff they've given her thus far so her getting a title shot at all is going to catch my attention. Like Ice Ribbon, but more so, AgZ (or is it AWG?) slips under my radar. I loved the adrenaline heavy pacing and the layout of this one and it's easily my favorite Saori match and one of Reika's best, too. The challenger felt desperate and the entire thing made not only both of them look like stars, but also the championship and the company it represents look sincerely important. Watch this one!

Select Match Reviews: Ice in the Veins

Match from Ice Ribbon #992 1.Triangle Ribbon Titles: Kasai, Miyako(c) vs Hideki, Ram vs Jiro, Uno *** 2.Hardcore: Hiragi, Rina, Himeka vs Aja Kong, Yoshiko, Akane ***1/4 3.Sareee vs Fujimoto ****1/4 4.International Ribbon Tag Titles: Giulia, Saya(c) vs Hamuko, Ibuki *** 5.ICExInfinity Title, Vacancy Tournament Final: Risa vs Yukihi ***3/4 Thoughts: Time for what might be the last Ice Ribbon show I watch this year. The first pull was a spectacle that bordered on comedy but one that also featured balcony dives and  skewers. It was good, short, and a little crazy, but nothing you need to rush and see. I saw some crazy shit that you only see in Japan skipping ahead, which actually led to me adding our second match of the night to my watch list. Giant traffic cones, lego spots, and general insanity. Ice Ribbon is so fucking weird but I enjoyed this one and actually think it was almost worth seeing. The next pull was my MOTN, easily. Sareee and Fujimoto are two of the best jos

Select Match Reviews: Goddess Level

Matches from STARDOM Best of Goddess: 1.AZM, Momo vs Starlight Kid, Riho ***3/4 2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Hoshiki(c) vs Hayter ***3/4 3.World of STARDOM Title: Bea(c) vs Mayu ***3/4 Thoughts: The tag match was all action and highly entertaining stuff. Momo is still a true ace, AZM is underrated, Riho simply rocks, and Starlight Kid is a star. Watch this. Some may remember Hayter from her recent AEW appearances, but she's been making her mark in STARDOM for over a year, too. Here, she came off strong in defeat with the strike queen needing to nearly murder her to retain. Another great defense from Arisa with a nice, quick run-time that worked well for both. The other pull from this gig saw Bea on a good day. She can be pretty hit or miss at times and really still does need a strong opponent to help put her over. Luckily for her, that opponent this time was one of the best workers in the world. In many ways, Iwatani reminds me of Naito. She's amazing and oozes charism

Select Match Reviews: STARDOM Wars

Match from STARDOM World Champion Wars 1.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Arisa Hoshiki(c) vs Kagetsu ***3/4 Thoughts: The wonder herself against Oedo Tai's facepainted warrior for the white belt ran a bit longer than it perhaps should have, but it's a learning experience for Arisa as she somehow continues to grow as a performer. Kagetsu made her look great and worked hard herself, but the champ continues to impress each time and the entire thing was great despite some flaws. With the NJPW partnership, expect Hoshiki to add more to her moveset and continue her rise!

Select Match Reviews: Real World Tag League Roundup

Match from AJPW Real World Tag League 11/11 1.Violent Giants (Suwama, Shuji) vs NEXTREAM (Kento, Yuma) **** Match from AJPW Real World Tag League 11/21 2.NEXTREAM (Kento, Yuma) vs Sekimoto, Bodyguard **** Matches from AJPW Real World Tag League 12/09 3.NEXTREAM (Kento, Yuma) vs NEXTREAM (Jake Lee, Nomura) ****1/4 4.Finals: Violent Giants (Suwama, Shuji) vs NEXTREAM (Jake Lee, Nomura) **** Thoughts: While New Japan (and a lot of promotions in general if we're being honest) tend to go into cruise control this time of the year, All Japan decided rest is for the weak. Real World Tag League this was, and these four pulls all satisfied my expectations and delivered the caliber of entertainment I've come to expect from the company. Up first, Kento and Yuma battled the Violent Giants in a fantastic clash. The speed of Yuma and general amazingness of the champ alongside the grumpy towers that are Suwama and Shuji created a fun dynamic. In general, they worked hard and worked

Wrestle Kingdom 14 Preview

Wrestle Kingdom is a holy event for wrestling fans, eclipsing Wrestlemania for many and serving as a second Christmas to all who embrace the lion's mark. That said, this year New Japan has gifted us a bonus gift by presenting two evenings worth of glorious in-ring content. So, let's dig in by looking at the cards and some predictions. NIGHT ONE 01/04/2020 1.Liger, Fujinami, Sasuke, Tiger Mask vs Sano, Otani, Takaiwa, Taguchi Norio Honaga is working as the special guest ref for this legends showcase as Liger wrestles his second to last match ever. Expect the hero to win this one, earning the pin in a match that might not be the highest in workrate but likely will see a lot of tears from fans in the crowd and around the world, too. 2.LIJ (EVIL, SANADA, BUSHI, SHINGO) vs Suzuki-gun (Suzuki, Taichi, Sabre, Desperado) This one largely serves to give these guys something to do on the card and also as a last minute pilot for the Sabre/SANADA match on night two. It could be pre

AEW Dynamite 12/11 Review

Matches: 1.Mox vs Reynolds NR 2.Cody, QT vs Butcher & Blade *** 3.Big Swole vs Emi **3/4 4.Omega, Page vs Spears, Kip ** 5.Guevara vs Luchasaurus **1/4 6.Street Fight: Young Bucks vs PnP ***3/4 Thoughts: Mox with a squash and destruction in general of the Beaver Boys was largely just a reason to get him out in the ring, leading to Jericho coming out and offering him a role in the Inner Circle. Interesting take, and I'd actually like a curve ball with him joining instead of the rather predictable outcome we're more likely going to have. The tag match with Cody was good. QT looked decent here and the new team of Butcher & Blade did well in their in-ring debuts on the show. Allie was a good manager, of course. This did well for what it was, and Darby coming out after just to tease that he'd team with Cody to face the heel group was an interesting choice. MJF getting his cheap heat next and then he cut a pretty decent promo, which is just natural for him.

Select Match Reviews: Kenny Dark

Match from AEW Dark 12/10 1.Omega vs Kip **3/4 Thoughts: I only cared to really see this one this week, and that's only because Kenny's my favorite worker and I try not to miss something he's involved in. Sadly, there was too much bullshit for my taste and I fear that will bleed into the Dynamite tag match they're booked for, since these Kenny Dark matches seem to be tests for ideas. That shit isn't my cup of tea and putting the best wrestler in the world in a match like this is a bit annoying as a result. Kip doesn't need the cheap shit and managers don't need to be in several overbooked spots. Even more, AEW shouldn't toy around much with this kind of thing. Please! I get that it's a variety show, but lets try to lean more toward puro style (especially in Kenny matches) than the sports entertainment soap style theatrics. The match would have capped out around good levels (but below the recommendation cut off) if not for these actions, but e

Being the Elite #182 Thoughts

Nice tongue in cheek open this week. Real quick, as some have noticed me saying before but I try to put my thoughts here in the blog too for obvious reasons, but AEW still hasn't actually lost versus NXT. Key demo views is what truly matters to networks in regards to viewership and that's been won by AEW each week so far. Besides, it's a marathon not a spring, anyway... I like the Ryu Lee edit out for Dragon Lee in the follow up. I actually love the new name in general, by the way. Nakazawa wants more matches. Omega tries to be nice about his response. Tells him to train harder and gain muscle. Shida laughs at his attempt. I mean, I know I'm just some random "armchair fan" but damn that was funny shit. The Librarians have regrouped. Watch out, everyone! Big Swole has also discovered how to ignore them, for those who hate the gimmick. I dig the Sky segment in general. I actually hope he gets a run with the belt at least once at some point

Select Match Reviews: One Plus Fifteen

Match from PWG Sixteen 1.Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, Puma King vs MexaBlood, Rey Horus ****1/2 2.PWG Tag Titles, Ladder: Rascalz(c) vs LAX ***1/2 Thoughts: I know the first pull got rave reviews which makes sense considering the talent involved. Taurus is legit a beast, Laredo has been elite for what feels like forever, and Puma has been so energetic since leaving CMLL. Add in the amazing MexaBlood duo and the underrated Rey Horus and it seems like a no brainer in a fed like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla where they are known to let talent go all out and just do what they do best. I also know that I trust Borden's taste and he said this was one of his favorites he's ever worked, so yea...this was a must-see for me and, luckily, it paid off very well! I'd call this a MOTYC and one of the most exciting matches of the entire year in general. To close this one, the Rascalz and the artist (now) formerly known as LAX had a fun main event ladder match. It felt a bit shorter than