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Matches from wXw World Tag Festival Night Three 10/06:
1.wXw Unified World Title: Thatcher(c) vs Gresham ***1/2
2.Ilja vs Starr ***1/2

So, Thatcher won the title in a great match then had an knockout or submission only battle against Oney the next day. And THEN, he had a title defense versus Gresham the same fucking day as the Ambition match? I mean, no one ever said the guy wasn't a badass, right?

The octopus was never going to win the belt here, but my expectations remained very high since I love both of these dudes and their styles are so close. Luckily, my hopes paid off because this was a borderline great title shot for ROH's resident mollusc. While a touch below what I was thinking it'd be, it still hit recommendation levels and it's hard to fault Thatcher for not giving three sincerely great matches in two days. I'm sure I might even be a bit low on this one, and I still liked it enough to suggest checking it out.

The other pull of the night saw a grudge match between Starr and Ilja. David continues to go to war with WWE employees. The storytelling was good as was the action, and I like Ilja playing rudo here. The finish sets up a rematch but in a way that didn't take much away from this as a standalone.

Consider both of these if you have the time.