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Match from Actwres girl'Z Beginning Pro 08/14:
1.AgZ Title: Saori(c) vs Reika ****

Thanks to Joshi City for this recommendation. Check them out. There's a link on the right. Anyway, I'm a big fan of Reika and I still am hopeful her W1 career has a true vision instead of this random stuff they've given her thus far so her getting a title shot at all is going to catch my attention. Like Ice Ribbon, but more so, AgZ (or is it AWG?) slips under my radar.

I loved the adrenaline heavy pacing and the layout of this one and it's easily my favorite Saori match and one of Reika's best, too. The challenger felt desperate and the entire thing made not only both of them look like stars, but also the championship and the company it represents look sincerely important.

Watch this one!