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Matches from STARDOM Best of Goddess:
1.AZM, Momo vs Starlight Kid, Riho ***3/4
2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Hoshiki(c) vs Hayter ***3/4
3.World of STARDOM Title: Bea(c) vs Mayu ***3/4

The tag match was all action and highly entertaining stuff. Momo is still a true ace, AZM is underrated, Riho simply rocks, and Starlight Kid is a star. Watch this.

Some may remember Hayter from her recent AEW appearances, but she's been making her mark in STARDOM for over a year, too. Here, she came off strong in defeat with the strike queen needing to nearly murder her to retain. Another great defense from Arisa with a nice, quick run-time that worked well for both.

The other pull from this gig saw Bea on a good day. She can be pretty hit or miss at times and really still does need a strong opponent to help put her over. Luckily for her, that opponent this time was one of the best workers in the world. In many ways, Iwatani reminds me of Naito. She's amazing and oozes charisma yet gets uneven booking calls. This year, she was dicked around by ROH and given a subpar WOH Title reign and otherwise was stuck largely in the Artist division or spot matches. I was rooting for her to reclaim singles gold in this one, as was the majority of the crowd, and when it happened I admittedly popped. It was a nice moment for a truly great talent and the match itself was pretty damn fun, too despite some flaws throughout that held me back a tad. A bit ugly at times, basically. I mean, Mayu nearly died in a very intense spot though now I'm pretty sure she's an actual goddess.

STARDOM is the true queen of women's wrestling. Check these out for a taste.