Select Match Reviews: The Only Way to Enjoy ROH These Days

Matches from Ring of Honor Final Battle:
1.Cobb vs Maff ***1/2
2.MexaBlood vs Villain Enterprises ***3/4
3.ROH TV Title: Taylor(c) vs Dragon Lee ***1/2
4.ROH Tag Titles: Briscoes(c) vs Gresham, Lethal ***1/2

Looking at the various reviews and general results, I once again feel validated in the way that I have chosen to enjoy professional wrestling in 2019. ROH has fucked up a lot this year yet I've seen very little of it outside of clips for the sake of gross curiosity. For example, Bully getting over ten minutes and PCO beating Rush? No thanks. Talk about bad moves...especially if it means they somehow lost Rush to free-agency...

So, let's take a look at what I pulled in my see no evil style review of Final Battle...

The first match was a pretty good, agility infused hoss battle. Maff being added to the roster recently was a nice move that I think has some good potential for payoffs. This was one of them. Cobb winning comes off like he might be sticking around, which is an interesting choice. Either way, this had a lot of even footed, back and forth between the two large men and made for a fun watch.

Up next, we might have seen Scurll's ROH swan song. Not the smoothest of things, yet that only held it back a tad in the end as this was still a great tag match that used the time wisely. So, is Flamita now in Lifeblood, too? MexaLifeBlood? I love that he continues to wear his Tribe Vanguard tights everywhere. I also am hoping Scurll appears on Dynamite next week, but time will tell.

Our next pull was for the TV Title. Taylor is a solid enough worker and has done decent as champ. Dragon Lee is seemingly the fun new toy for ROH and it seemed that bringing him in (and now giving him a championship) was meant to potentially entice Rush to stay. Now, I have no idea why exactly they had the title change hands but I will say that DL holding gold at all is always something I can support. Pretty good midcarder and I liked DL trying to win by cheating.

To close things, we have the Briscoes defending against Gresham and Lethal. I don't follow super close, but weren't Gresham and Lethal breaking down into a feud not that long ago? The matching trunks tells me something major changed as does Jay's actions throughout but I admittedly don't care enough to figure out what happened. I'll say that it wouldn't be a terrible idea if ROH started splitting most of the roster up into a few different units, and I'd love Lethal to be in charge of a heel group with Gresham a strong number two. It'd count on them pushing Jay as a full rudo again, and honestly the unit idea itself won't be happening either way so let's just stop here and move along. The match was pretty good, borderline great actually, and I'm intrigued at the outcome. I wouldn't have minded it ending during the figure four, setting up a potential brother versus brother feud, but what we got was okay, too.

From what I can tell, a few talents finished up with the company on this show (or on the fallout show) and the roster in 2020 will look a bit different. It's also worth noting that, despite what Taven said recently, I don't see the company doing enough any time soon to really win back most of the lost fans nor ending their current status as a joke to many diehards. The constant fuckups have caught up to them. The best advice I have is to watch the way I do and just check out things that are recommended, that entice you in general, or maybe just take the time you would spend on them and place it elsewhere like on companies that aren't trying hard to loose you as a supporter. Your call. At least these pulls were enjoyable!