Being the Elite #182 Thoughts

Nice tongue in cheek open this week. Real quick, as some have noticed me saying before but I try to put my thoughts here in the blog too for obvious reasons, but AEW still hasn't actually lost versus NXT. Key demo views is what truly matters to networks in regards to viewership and that's been won by AEW each week so far. Besides, it's a marathon not a spring, anyway...

I like the Ryu Lee edit out for Dragon Lee in the follow up. I actually love the new name in general, by the way.

Nakazawa wants more matches. Omega tries to be nice about his response. Tells him to train harder and gain muscle. Shida laughs at his attempt.

I mean, I know I'm just some random "armchair fan" but damn that was funny shit.

The Librarians have regrouped. Watch out, everyone! Big Swole has also discovered how to ignore them, for those who hate the gimmick.

I dig the Sky segment in general. I actually hope he gets a run with the belt at least once at some point.

Mailbag this week had Jurassic Express. They played around with bud puns, spoke about their hair maintenance, and then the Best Friends stole the segment (like the same way the Bucks stole the room service gag from them). Marko apparently shit himself after a code red once. That shit happens more than you might think, though as the boys suggested you usually can tell. I love the mailbag segments.

CD just can't get into it backstage with Scorp. He's nothing without Kaz. Sad to see the true revealed.  Jokes aside, I dig the, "do ya" stuff with Frankie.

The Dark Order is slowly breaking into BTE? Naka is joining?

MJF trying to get Sky to casually kiss the ring was gold and I liked the little ELITE sitdown. 

This has been a headache of a night for literally the stupidest reason, but BTE was entertaining as always and I'm good again now. Check this out when you're having an annoying span of time.