Select Match Reviews: One Plus Fifteen

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Match from PWG Sixteen
1.Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, Puma King vs MexaBlood, Rey Horus ****1/2
2.PWG Tag Titles, Ladder: Rascalz(c) vs LAX ***1/2

I know the first pull got rave reviews which makes sense considering the talent involved. Taurus is legit a beast, Laredo has been elite for what feels like forever, and Puma has been so energetic since leaving CMLL. Add in the amazing MexaBlood duo and the underrated Rey Horus and it seems like a no brainer in a fed like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla where they are known to let talent go all out and just do what they do best.

I also know that I trust Borden's taste and he said this was one of his favorites he's ever worked, so yea...this was a must-see for me and, luckily, it paid off very well! I'd call this a MOTYC and one of the most exciting matches of the entire year in general.

To close this one, the Rascalz and the artist (now) formerly known as LAX had a fun main event ladder match. It felt a bit shorter than it should have been and was lacking a tad in some areas, but those are largely minor complaints and the whole thing was still a very good spectacle. Both teams are elite and it was a nice general display of the modern PWG tag division (Impact versus AEW) though it's hard not being slightly disappointed that a ladder match with these four men capped out where it did.

One MOTYC and a pretty good, if flawed main event. Sixteen served well as an overall fun experience so consider making time for both of these!

Now, I wait for the BOLA DVD's...