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PAC vs Page Off!

During today's WrestleGate event, they ran an match and angle with PAC and Hangman Page which ended with the Double or Nothing match being called off. I originally assumed it was a work, but it turns out this is legit and due to creative differences. PAC didn't want to take a lose, and AEW didn't want to have DQ finishes on their first show nor did they have time for a time limit draw. PAC wants his first lose since leaving WWE to be one out of loyalty to Dragon Gate. While this last minute change does suck, I give AEW props for at least not wanting to have that kind of cheap finish on their first big show. I just wish they had worked this all out sooner. The match from WrestleGate between Page and PAC ended in DQ and will be released online this week to allow fans to at least check it out for free in attempt to make it up to those who were excited for the contest. A replacement has not been announced for Double or Nothing at this time but most likely is Joey Ryan.

Select Match Review: Close Encounters

Matches from RevPro Epic Encounters 1.British Tag Titles: Suzuki, Sabre(c) vs Davis, Fletcher ***3/4 2.British Cruiserweight Title, Ladder: Starr(c) vs Phantasmo ***3/4 Thoughts: RevPro is back with two big matches. The first pull was great, and I love how much fun Suzuki and Sabre seem to have when they team up. The main event was overbooked to hell, but due to the hard work and a few insane spots it still turned out great. It actually reminded me a bit of an attitude era match and the fact that it was for the cruiserweight gold says a lot about how well RevPro has elevated their championships. Go give RevPro some love and check these two out.

RIP Ashley Massaro

Former WWE diva, Ashley Massaro, has passed away at the age of 39. The cause of death is currently unknown, but is reported as non-suspicious. My condolences to those she left behind.

Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/13/19 1.Cesaro vs Mysterio **3/4 2.Nese vs Ligero ***1/4 Thoughts: The NXT Tag Titles are vacant now. Sucks a bit that this situation isn't being worked to put someone over, but it is what it is. As far as action, this looks like it was a slow week. Very little actually caught my eye and nothing was recommended to me. These two were the only ones that seemed truly interesting. The first pull was a pretty decent little cat and mouse style match, and more creative than what you tend to see on WWE tv. The other was a nice UK vs 205 showcase, keeping Nese's reign rolling on a good note. My only real issue is that I do wish that Tony had a better finisher. Truth be told, even these aren't required viewing. Just skip WWE stuff this week.

Statement of AEW/TNT Announcement

People who follow this blog (and my Twitter) already knew basically all of the info heading into today's announcement. AEW is going to be on TNT, and that is major cause for celebration. If you still want to be negative, that's fine. But all wrestling fans should be rejoicing right now. This is the best thing to happen to wrestling in a long time, and will strengthen the entire business as a result. Expect the show to start in September, but October at latest. Tuesday remains the planned day, but Wednesday has been discussed as an option. I'd bet on Tuesday. Congrats to the ELITE and everyone signed to AEW, and I wish you all success. Change the world!

ONE Championship Weekly 05/15/19 Review

1.Muay Thai: Rodtang vs Sok **3/4 2.Matsatit vs Catalan **1/2 3.Muay Thai Bantamweight Title: Nong-O(c) vs Suzuki **1/2 Thoughts: Man, Rodtang was fierce in this week's opener. I'm going to need to keep an eye on him, for sure. The fight wasn't required viewing based on quality, but it was entertaining to see the dominant display, at least. The Iron Man will be wearing ONE gold sooner than later. The next fight was ok. I loved Matsatit surviving the leg lock, but the low blow sucked a lot of the momentum out of this. To be fair, it sucked the air out of Catalan, too. Accidents happen. This week's main event saw Nong-O retain, getting the decision win. They did clip this one, but my rule is that I require at least 3 minutes to give a rating and it was a decent fight. Suzuki's side was bruised to hell. While this episode lacked any must-see action, nothing was truly bad and it was something to at least consider if you want a quick mma fix. Overall Ratin

The Flash #68 Review

The last issue set up an intriguing arc and this one followed up decently with a good read that continues the plot and ends on an interesting note. The Trickster's plot as established works well enough, and there is a touch of humor that his role provides that I appreciated. This arc has been rather entertaining so far, and I'll certainly be back for more soon. Rating: ***1/4

Note on Pirate Links

Followers of this blog might have noticed that I basically only share links to videos that are from legit sources. But, since I've been asked, I should say that I refrain from posting pirate links for a few reasons... 1.Support what you love Don't be a dick. Show love and support for what you claim to love and support. If you want to see something, there's a 99% chance you can find a legit way to see it. 2.Shutting it down I don't want this blog being shut down by providing links that you can find by taking two seconds of searching, for those who do insist on being pirates. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Select Match Reviews: The Body Electric

Match from Zero1 Jump Up Fly to the Future 1.ZERO1 World Title: Sekimoto(c) vs Sugawara ***1/4 Thoughts: I was cautiously optimistic here. I mean, Sekimoto is one of my favorites and I wanted to see his latest defense of the ZERO1 strap, but Sugawara is pretty hit or miss. The good news is he played his role well enough here and Daisuke helped elevate him a bit seeing as he's one of the most consistent workers in the world and easily capable of making the best of an otherwise bland situation. For context, for the WWE-only fans that aren't scared off by my blog, this is the equivalence of seeing Seth Rollins defend the title on a ppv main event against Bo Dallas. This was actually a fairly good title contest in all, but nothing you should worry about catching.

Yukes Creating New Wrestling IP

Yukes, who develops the WWE 2K games, has announced the following: “We are trying to launch a new wrestling game. Of course, we will retain the WWE team, but we are also aware that our creators are beginning to lose sight of their passion and confidence and becoming focused only on completing assigned tasks. That’s not the direction Yuke’s wants to go in. So, in order to compensate, we’re going to start a new wrestling project.”

Select Match Reviews: SoCal in Shanghai

1.SCU vs Team OWE **1/4 Thoughts: The mic'd up ring was a fun touch, but the match was pretty standard. I've seen some OWE and, outside of the big three, I know they have some decent students. This just wasn't to the level I expected. This isn't to shit on DaBen, Hewei, or Quiyang, either. It's just that it was an average match. Shout out to Nuclear Convoy for the ID, and check his work out by clicking the link on the right. Skip this one, but still be very excited about how OWE and AEW are working together.

Being the Elite #151 Thoughts

The Librarian release segment taking a shot at WWE was humorous enough. It's sad that Vince and crew are so petty that the jokes right themselves, but here we are. Speaking of WWE, the Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger) reference basically let us know that he'll be in the battle royal. Maybe he'll be the "joker"? It was nice seeing more OWE involvement teased. I also like the continued tease of new Bucks moves and hearing some of the potential name ideas for AEW in the early stages was interesting. Really, the whole mail bag segment was fun and I look forward to hearing Kenny's new music! Of course, the biggest news was the women's trios match announcement. If you love joshi, you already know why this rocks. If you don't, start by checking this out. Knowing that these ladies are going to be working such a big show in front of such a big crowd is simply amazing. The other newly announced match has a lot of potential, too. Evans and Angelico versus t

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #18 Review

Match: 1.Tribe Vanguard vs  YASSHI, Kondo, Shogo, Sugawara, Toru *** Thoughts: This week features more content from the April 10th show, and was the return of Yosuke Santa Maria. It was heavy in comedy, as expected, but a decent mix of solid action made it a memorable enough contest even if it never really hit recommendable levels. I would love to see Kondo in DG more often, by the way. I'd also love seeing Wrestle-1 talent pop up in general. Especially Ashino. The episode ended with Yoshino in the ring sending a message to Ultimo Dragon. Dragon Gate is celebrating 20 years and would like the man who started this whole thing to appear in celebration. This wasn't nearly as good as the last episode, and the sole match here wasn't something I'd truly recommend based on quality, but Cutting Edge was still a breeze to watch if you have 30 minutes to kill and want something different. Overall Rating: 70/100%

Select Match Reviews: Tech War

Match from RevPro Live at the Cockpit 39 1.Sabre vs A-Kid ****1/4 Thoughts: This was a fantastic battle between two of the best technical wrestlers in the world. It wasn't at the same level as last year's classic between the two, but this was still a must-see encounter! Go watch this one right now.

Select Match Reviews: Wrestling Dontaku Roundup

Matches from NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night One 1.NEVER Openweight Title: Cobb(c) vs Taichi *** 2.IWGP Jr Title: Dragon Lee(c) vs Ishimori ****1/2 Matches from NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night 2 3.Ishii vs EVIL ****1/4 4.IWGP Heavyweight Title: Okada(c) vs SANADA **** Thoughts: Four matches earned pulls this go around. Not all ended up being worth the time. The NEVER match was good, but the antics and general mismatch kept it from being anything of real note. Cobb dropping the belt sucks. Taichi can step up from time to time, though not here, but I don't want to see another run from him. That's what we got, either way. Skip that one, sadly. Everything else here made up for that one, at least. The Junior clash was a MOTYC. Dragon Lee and Hiromu might forever be linked together, but I'd love many more between these two, as well. Building perfectly off of the G1 Supercard match, these two killed it in an epic encounter that needs to be seen by all fans of the sport.

Select Match Reviews: Tag Team Wrestling Matters!

Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag League Finals 1.GTL Finals: Sugiura, KAZMA vs AXIZ **** Thoughts: One of my biggest issues with WWE is how badly they treat tag team wrestling these days. Luckily, most of the other promotions that matter don't have the same level of disdain against the concept and instead use respect with understanding of how important it can be. Hell, look at who wins this one! What a way to elevate KAZMA and give the almighty Sugiura something fun to do. And AXIZ, the current GHC Tag Champs, are wildly entertaining as a group. I mean, Go and Nakajima are amazing on their own, but I really dig them as a pair. This match just happened to be a fantastic experience, too, definitive of the genre that NOAH does so well. If you enjoy hard hitting puro tag action, give this one a view.

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #17 Review

Matches: 1.MaxiMuM vs MaxiMuM ***3/4 2.RED vs RED ***3/4 Thoughts: I have no idea how I missed the announcement for this, but at least I did find out about it! So, this is a weekly, 30-minute show that Dragon Gate is running. Let's start with the first May episode, which features material that was taped on April 10th. It's actually part of the build toward Dead or Alive, with Dragon Kid and Naruki facing Yoshino and Ishida in the first match and Big Ben taking on Eita and Yoshida in the second. Whoever gets the winning pin enters the cage match. Obviously, we know who wins but that's a minor thing. A large theme here in the opener is tensions between Doi and Dragon Kid, with both trading insults and shots throughout. It didn't take away from the overall quality, which was nice, as this was a great tag match. Everyone played their roles well, and I have to give props to Ishida who is coming into his own. The main event saw RED pull their usual antics