ONE Championship Weekly 05/15/19 Review

1.Muay Thai: Rodtang vs Sok **3/4
2.Matsatit vs Catalan **1/2
3.Muay Thai Bantamweight Title: Nong-O(c) vs Suzuki **1/2

Man, Rodtang was fierce in this week's opener. I'm going to need to keep an eye on him, for sure. The fight wasn't required viewing based on quality, but it was entertaining to see the dominant display, at least. The Iron Man will be wearing ONE gold sooner than later.

The next fight was ok. I loved Matsatit surviving the leg lock, but the low blow sucked a lot of the momentum out of this. To be fair, it sucked the air out of Catalan, too. Accidents happen.

This week's main event saw Nong-O retain, getting the decision win. They did clip this one, but my rule is that I require at least 3 minutes to give a rating and it was a decent fight. Suzuki's side was bruised to hell.

While this episode lacked any must-see action, nothing was truly bad and it was something to at least consider if you want a quick mma fix.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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