Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #18 Review

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1.Tribe Vanguard vs  YASSHI, Kondo, Shogo, Sugawara, Toru ***

This week features more content from the April 10th show, and was the return of Yosuke Santa Maria. It was heavy in comedy, as expected, but a decent mix of solid action made it a memorable enough contest even if it never really hit recommendable levels.

I would love to see Kondo in DG more often, by the way. I'd also love seeing Wrestle-1 talent pop up in general. Especially Ashino.

The episode ended with Yoshino in the ring sending a message to Ultimo Dragon. Dragon Gate is celebrating 20 years and would like the man who started this whole thing to appear in celebration.

This wasn't nearly as good as the last episode, and the sole match here wasn't something I'd truly recommend based on quality, but Cutting Edge was still a breeze to watch if you have 30 minutes to kill and want something different.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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