PAC vs Page Off!

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During today's WrestleGate event, they ran an match and angle with PAC and Hangman Page which ended with the Double or Nothing match being called off. I originally assumed it was a work, but it turns out this is legit and due to creative differences.

PAC didn't want to take a lose, and AEW didn't want to have DQ finishes on their first show nor did they have time for a time limit draw. PAC wants his first lose since leaving WWE to be one out of loyalty to Dragon Gate.

While this last minute change does suck, I give AEW props for at least not wanting to have that kind of cheap finish on their first big show. I just wish they had worked this all out sooner.

The match from WrestleGate between Page and PAC ended in DQ and will be released online this week to allow fans to at least check it out for free in attempt to make it up to those who were excited for the contest. A replacement has not been announced for Double or Nothing at this time but most likely is Joey Ryan.

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