Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #17 Review

1.MaxiMuM vs MaxiMuM ***3/4
2.RED vs RED ***3/4

I have no idea how I missed the announcement for this, but at least I did find out about it! So, this is a weekly, 30-minute show that Dragon Gate is running. Let's start with the first May episode, which features material that was taped on April 10th. It's actually part of the build toward Dead or Alive, with Dragon Kid and Naruki facing Yoshino and Ishida in the first match and Big Ben taking on Eita and Yoshida in the second. Whoever gets the winning pin enters the cage match. Obviously, we know who wins but that's a minor thing.

A large theme here in the opener is tensions between Doi and Dragon Kid, with both trading insults and shots throughout. It didn't take away from the overall quality, which was nice, as this was a great tag match. Everyone played their roles well, and I have to give props to Ishida who is coming into his own.

The main event saw RED pull their usual antics on themselves. It was another great match, and I loved the layout here as well as the general aggression. Ben-K shined here the most, as expected.

This was a wildly entertaining way to spend half and hour, and you can expect more reviews for the show going forward!

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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