Select Match Reviews: Wrestling Dontaku Roundup

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Matches from NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night One
1.NEVER Openweight Title: Cobb(c) vs Taichi ***
2.IWGP Jr Title: Dragon Lee(c) vs Ishimori ****1/2

Matches from NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night 2
3.Ishii vs EVIL ****1/4
4.IWGP Heavyweight Title: Okada(c) vs SANADA ****

Four matches earned pulls this go around. Not all ended up being worth the time.

The NEVER match was good, but the antics and general mismatch kept it from being anything of real note. Cobb dropping the belt sucks. Taichi can step up from time to time, though not here, but I don't want to see another run from him. That's what we got, either way. Skip that one, sadly.

Everything else here made up for that one, at least.

The Junior clash was a MOTYC. Dragon Lee and Hiromu might forever be linked together, but I'd love many more between these two, as well. Building perfectly off of the G1 Supercard match, these two killed it in an epic encounter that needs to be seen by all fans of the sport. I love Dragon Lee getting this extra attention, by the way.

The Stone Pitbull and EVIL kept the good times coming with a wonderful hoss battle. A true fight, and another fantastic display from one of the best in the world, Ishii, showing once more why I want so badly to see him as IWGP Heavyweight Champion. EVIL continues to step up in big spots, too, and the future is bright for him.

The last pull of the tour was another top shelf defense from Okada, who is one of the most reliable guys in the game. It does suck that SANADA lost again to the Kazuchika, but it will just mean that much more when he finally gets the win.

Three matches that deserve your attention from this run, so make sure to go check them out asap.

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