Select Match Reviews: The Body Electric

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Match from Zero1 Jump Up Fly to the Future
1.ZERO1 World Title: Sekimoto(c) vs Sugawara ***1/4

I was cautiously optimistic here. I mean, Sekimoto is one of my favorites and I wanted to see his latest defense of the ZERO1 strap, but Sugawara is pretty hit or miss. The good news is he played his role well enough here and Daisuke helped elevate him a bit seeing as he's one of the most consistent workers in the world and easily capable of making the best of an otherwise bland situation.

For context, for the WWE-only fans that aren't scared off by my blog, this is the equivalence of seeing Seth Rollins defend the title on a ppv main event against Bo Dallas.

This was actually a fairly good title contest in all, but nothing you should worry about catching.

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