Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/13/19
1.Cesaro vs Mysterio **3/4
2.Nese vs Ligero ***1/4

The NXT Tag Titles are vacant now. Sucks a bit that this situation isn't being worked to put someone over, but it is what it is. As far as action, this looks like it was a slow week. Very little actually caught my eye and nothing was recommended to me. These two were the only ones that seemed truly interesting.

The first pull was a pretty decent little cat and mouse style match, and more creative than what you tend to see on WWE tv. The other was a nice UK vs 205 showcase, keeping Nese's reign rolling on a good note. My only real issue is that I do wish that Tony had a better finisher.

Truth be told, even these aren't required viewing. Just skip WWE stuff this week.

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