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ECW Hardcore TV #110 Review

Matches: 1.ECW TV Title: Guerrero(c) vs Malenko ***3/4 2.ECW World Title: Sandman(c) vs Cactus Jack *** Thoughts: Cagematch has a different match listing for this one and 109 than what I am seeing. Anyway, this starts with a look at Bill Alfonso screwing Dreamer, Douglas being a dick, and Cactus telling Shane to fucking leave. Gordon then cuts a promo on Fan Cam on Alfonso. Eddie and Malenko kick us off in-ring this go around. While clipped down, it was another great match from these two. Eddie busted his head open down the stretch, adding a touch of color to the technical battle, and it added nicely to the overall drama. It ended with a 30 minute draw. Iconic stuff. Note that Taz called the match with Joey which was pretty badass. They made a big deal of it post and even aired a pretty nice package. Joey talked about Dreamer and Raven's rivalry next before we cut to Raven chatting about Luna's arrival and alliance with his rival. Decent stuff. The main event was another Sandma

ECW Hardcore TV #108 Review

Matches: 1.Dreamer vs Raven ***1/4 2.ECW World Title: Sandman(c) vs Cactus * Thoughts: This one starts with clips from the classic Eddie/Malenko match as well as a rematch that happened at a house show. I have no idea if that match is out there somewhere but I wanna find it one day. They promoted a third under 2/3 falls to come! After the intro package, we got a look at what's going on with Cactus Jack including the shit match with Sandman as well as the drama with Douglas. That match at least should be decent, but sadly this one has a rematch versus Sandman with Shane as the ref that I have to get through, first. Jack's promo rocked once again, at least. The opener was a fun walk and brawl with Dreamer and Raven. Raven bled, they worked the entire arena, and they used a lot of weapons. While I didn't see it as being on the level of their best match I've seen on this watch-through so far, I still thought it was fun stuff and they kept it going with Raven once again gett

Throwback Reviews: No Holy Mountain (ECW)

Match from Hardcore TV Episode 107: 1.ECW World Title, Falls Count Anywhere: Sandman(c) vs Cactus Jack * Thoughts: Sandman winning the strap from Douglas was a pretty bad match but a falls count anywhere battle with Cactus Jack was just crazy enough that it might work.  Sandman really requires matches like these to help him seem decent and Foley carried him completely. There was a weak table spot, a bunch of clunky shit, a ref bump, and a shit finish with Malenko and Benoit attacking Cactus Jack to close this. This was not good.  ECW could be amazing at times. Others it was a fucking wreck.

ECW Hardcore TV #106 Review

Matches: 1.ECW TV Title: Guerrero(c) vs Malenko ****1/2 Thoughts: I absolutely loved this episode and it really shows how awesome ECW could be. We start with Shane's representative basically telling us that he is leaving soon, which really does happen, because he wanted to go be a fucking dean or some shit and piss off the Kliq in WWF. The story here is if Sandman tapped out before the shit finish making it an even shittier finish. We then saw a Dreamer promo that basically broke down the rivalry which was good shit. He also put a target on Sandman which was good shit. The rest of the episode, which had about 30 minutes left, was a technical masterpiece and a truly iconic battle between Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero for the ECW Television Championship. During the match, it sounds as if a fan was tossed out while one of the super fans kept watching the scene was also trying to get the crowd to start watching the match again which was funny shit. Ignoring that, the athletes worked

Throwback Reviews Collection: Various Hardcore TV Matches From Episodes 104-105 (ECW)

Matches from Episode 104: 1.Raven vs Dreamer ***1/2 2.ECW World Title: Douglas(c) vs Sandman * Match from Episode 105: 3.Raven vs Dreamer ***  Thoughts: Moving along with my ECW coverage, getting much closer to my goal to watch Nitro and Hardcore TV episodes once a week moving forward, we start with Raven taking on Dreamer from episode 104. This was a definitive ECW match and a wildly entertaining, blood soaked walk and brawl. Sure, the finish was weak but it worked for the story and the entire thing was just really good television. Borderline great! The next one was a bad match that saw Sandman win the championship by the end, with Woman serving an assist. I don't care for the feud, found the title change to be poorly handled, and honestly just don't even care for Sandman as champion in general. It is what it is. Post, Douglas put on a Monday Night Raw shirt and left as the crowd chanted Steam's one big hit. Backstage Simmons and Funk are told to ask Woman when they can ge

WCW Nitro #3 Review

Matches: 1.WCW Tag Titles: Harlem Heat(c) vs American Males ** 2.Johnny B Badd vs Mr. Wonderful *3/4 3.Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman ***1/2 Thoughts: This one starts with The Giant and Taskmaster coming out of an ambulance and then a promo building off of the Fall Brawl ending. It was okay for what it was. The Opener was a bit weird. So, it was supposed to see the Blue Bloods against American Males but Harlem Heat, fresh off of winning the belts the night before, took them out and joined the match instead, putting their belts on the line in the process. The match was decent but the finish was wonky, with Sherri and the Colonel resuming their weird romance and then moments later the champs falling thanks to a flash pin. I think they were trying to show that anything can happen on Nitro which works I suppose but it felt a bit off. Flair came out next for a solid promo setting up the main event and continuing the arc with Arn which felt like it moved things along nicely. I have big questions

Select Match Reviews: 3 Point Shot or Foul? (AEW)

Match from AEW Dynamite: Crossroads: 1.Shaq, Jade vs Cody, Velvet ** Thoughts: My big question heading into this was how motivated Shaq o' Mac would be, seeing as he tends to phone in basically everything. I don't blame him for the record. The dude is living and loving life and I applaud him for it. He owes no one nothing. I tend to hate celebrity crossovers for the record and can think of less than 5 I truly liked. That said, I'd like to quickly take a side step and ask why the fuck this opened the show? The best thing I can figure is they thought casuals wouldn't watch the full show. Maybe they are right, but they dropped a lot of viewers immediately after this and I think they could have padded it out better. They also botched the build to this by...not building it.  Weird shit. Why even include Jade for one? I would presume to instantly give her a boost but I would bet you that she is back to Dark now for a few months with minimal to no Dynamite appearances during t

Select Match Reviews: Powerrr Smash (AEW/NWA)

Match from AEW Dynamite: New Year's Smash Night Two: 1.NWA Women's Title: Deeb(c) vs Conti *** Thoughts: I had realized I had missed this one and wanted to fix that mistake before moving forward with my AEW catch up. Since it's International Women's Day, it's extra fitting. There's something happening with the AEW women's division and too many people are complaining to even notice. First, I love that they've been using the NWA Women's Championship essentially as a secondary goal for the ladies. Secondly, everyone has been getting better and better. Last year, Deeb improved to a new high in my opinion and has been doing very well as champ. Tay, while still a bit green, has been looking better nearly every time she goes out, too. I'd even argue this was the best Conti has looked thus far. In all, this was a good match. It wont be on my yearly recommendation list but I still suggest folks that are fans of the NWA to give it a look. It's a good t

AEW Women's Eliminator Tournament Review

Matches: Round One 1.Hirsch vs Thunder ***1/4 2.Yuka vs Suruga ***1/2 3.Emi vs VENY ***3/4 4.Ryo vs Ito ***1/2 5.Aja vs Rin **1/4 6.Riho vs Deeb **** 7.Nyla vs Conti ***1/4 8.Baker vs Madi * Second Round 1.Thunder vs Riho ***3/4 2.Nyla vs Baker *** 3.Emi vs Yuka ***1/2 4.Ryo vs Aja *** Semi-Finals 1.Thunder vs Nyla *** 2.Yuka vs Ryo **** Bonus Match x.Shida, Suruga, Rin vs Emi, Ito, VENY ****1/4 Finals 1.Ryo vs Nyla *** Thoughts: I wasn't planning on watching the whole tournament but honestly the lineup was good enough and the whole thing was relatively short enough to warrant me going ahead and doing so so lets just do so all at once. The first match was a fitting start to the tournament as it was a good match that saw both talent look good. It was fairly competitive and I sincerely hope they use Leyla more moving forward. Those that know my CZW ties will likely know why I feel that way. Next, two of my favorites in joshi in a high energy first rounder. Suruga actually out perform