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Select Match Reviews: The Other A-Side (STARDOM)

Match from We are STARDOM!! Episode 79: 1.Giulia vs Mayu Iwatani ***1/2 Thoughts: The amount of folks that have figured out what the titles I give to these forms of reviews mean is rather small, likely because I've made them so damn convoluted and detached that it's not even worth thinking hard enough on them to solve 'em. I overthink fucking everything, of course. Please, don't be like me. This one is from the most recent installment of my favorite weekly wrestling show and, now that I am caught up, I am hoping to return to watching regularly, in full, each week. Most weeks is more accurate, but yeah...good intentions, but of course time hates me and is something I tend to not be great friends with. It'd help if I didn't spend 30 minutes chatting about loaded questions on how to fix the country with a stranger in the laundry room like I did last night, but that is the kind of thing I often do regardless and will continue to do. Anyway, enough rambling for those

We are STARDOM!! 68-78 Select Bulk Ratings Drop

MATCHES: From Episode 68 1.Artist of STARDOM Titles: Cosmic Angels(c) vs STARS ***3/4 From Episode 69 2.Artist of STARDOM Titles: Cosmic Angels(c) vs Queen's Quest ***1/2 3.High Speed Title: Natsupoi(c) vs Starlight Kid ***1/2 From Episode 70 4.Elimination: STARS vs Oedo Tai ***1/2 From Episode 71 5.World of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Bea ***3/4 From Episode 72 6.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Tam(c) vs Natsupoi ***3/4 7.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Donna del Mondo(c) vs Donna del Mondo ***1/2 From Episode 75 8.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Donna del Mondo(c) vs Queen's Quest ***1/2 9.STARS vs Queen's Quest vs Queen's Quest vs Oedo Tai *** From Episode 78 10.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Donna del Mondo(c) vs STARS ***1/2 Thoughts: I needed to catch up on STARDOM so the solution for me was to watch select stuff from the episodes I had missed and move along. Time is a grade A bitch, right? Above are the ratings for select matches from the set of episodes including Bea's send

The debut of... Masked Strong Spirits!? Review

Matches: 1.Masked Strong Spirits vs Sinn Bodhi NR Thoughts: This is the most CHIKARA thing New Japan has ever done. The match itself was just a squash and not much of anything with the story taking center stage. The story in question? That Masked Strong Spirits sucks and needs to use the new Strong Spirits app to help him not suck. It was entertaining for what it was, which is apparently an excerpt from AnimeExpo. Watch it if you want to feel like someone drugged you for ten minutes. Overall Rating: 30/100%

The Horror at The Wall Part One

They dug deeper into the cave than they should have, awakening something that had been at rest for over a century. The victims that day were in the tens, a small village's worth of souls struck down, for their ignorance. As it rose, covered in blood and small, human chunks, the ground began to darken beneath him. The grass dying instantly, the air sickened in a deep musk in a large radius. On it marched onwards through the continent of Mern towards the outer walls of the Kingdom of Cyr. In the path of determination, the foul beast slaughtered all it encountered. The numbers endless in its wake. The pace of damage on display was such a sprint that no one could even call for help before the next person that could save you was being taken out. That was, until it reached the western walls of Cyr. The Prestige always keep one of their members, when possible of course, on guard near the walls. Luckily, Ofraim was on that section of The Wall though. At least, for those that want a minimal

Red Rose Report #1: An Understanding of Our Evident Direction

Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries, I ask you what the latest culture war battle we're all supposed to be fighting is right now? Did you know that the reason that Republican supporting dips keep doing this shit is because they no idea what else to do with themselves? Their favorite conartists and media sources work them up and then they just HAVE to own the libs. Did you also know, liberals, that you do not need to drop to their level to fight back? There's more than feeling superior and then being blind to stuff you hated under a republican presidency happening still bow while you enjoy brunch. And all of y'all, stop treating politicians like fucking icons and starting sub-cult fangroups for them. They're public servants. Nothing more or less. See, the culture wars exist solely to distract you and keep the infighting going. The elite would rather us argue instead of looking up and point the finger in the correct direction. Look at the recent work done by the excellent

ROH March 2021 in Review

Match from Episode #494 1.Jay Lethal vs EC3 vs Jay Briscoe vs Matt Taven ***3/4 Match from Episode #496 2.La Faccion Ingobernable vs The Foundation **** Matches from 19th Anniversary Show 3.Jay Briscoe vs EC3 ***1/2 4.Bandido vs Flamita vs Rey Horus ****1/2 5.ROH Pure Title: Jonathan Gresham(c) vs Dak Draper ****1/4 6.ROH World Title: Rush(c) vs Jay Lethal ***3/4 Match from Episode #497 7.Pure Rules Gauntlet ***1/2 Thoughts: I'm caught up on a few promotions and now it's time for Ring of Honor. The four-way contenders match was great shit and honestly proved nicely that their heavyweight division is far better than most give credit. EC3 and Jay's feud was fun stuff here especially. I'd note that the interference stuff with Taven at the end was a bit much, though. LFI and The Foundation had a fantastic multiman that showcased how awesome this roster is at gelling styles. Unit warfare stuff is always fun and this was even better than I had expected. The 19th Anniversary g

Select Match Reviews: Regnum Irae (IMPACT)

From IMPACT Under Siege, 05/15 1.X-Division Title: Alexander(c) vs El Phantasmo ***3/4 Thoughts: With this, I am officially caught up on IMPACT! Wrestling. I admittedly expected a title change here, since I am used to a one-sided New Japan relationship thanks to the way Ring of Honor constantly rolled over for them for years. Luckily, that didn't happen. Instead, El Phantasmo looked great in defeat and the champ retained while also looking legit. Alexander has been one of my favorites this season and continues to show the fuck up. Worth a watch for sure.

Select Match Reviews: Rebellion of the Rich Bird (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Rebellion, 04/25: 1.X-Division Title: Ace(c) vs Alexander vs TJP ***3/4 2.Last Man Standing: Callihan vs Trey ***1/2 3.AEW World/IMPACT World/TNA World Titles: Swann(I/T) vs Omega(A) **** Thoughts: Rebellion time. After this I have one more IMPACT related review post to put up and then I am UTD on the brand. First up, X-Division action!  The TJP/Alexander rivalry this year has been one of my favorites this year. This chapter was great stuff. Strong pace, tight action, and a fun moment with Alexander taking the belt. Thumbs up. The last man standing match is a recipe for polarization, but I enjoy the stip and think they used it well. Good intensity, nice spots, and Trey winning was a nice move. Last up for my pulls, and Omega beat Swann to take home the TNA and IMPACT belts. Fantastic stuff and they worked very well together. There were several little bits here that worked nicely together and combined to make for a very worthwhile main event. Mauro working commentary